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Insurance Article

Buy student travel policy to make your child's stay abroad hassle free

January 29 2013

To further ensure your child’s safety in a foreign land, you must consider buying a student travel insurance policy before he boards the flight.

Many insurance companies in India offer a variety of student travel insurance plans that are accepted and considered an equivalent to local insurance plans in universities abroad. One important advantage of buying a student insurance policy from India is the reduced cost of purchase. As the payment for purchasing a student travel insurance policy in India is made in rupees, you can save a considerable amount of money and reduce the overall cost of your foreign studies.

You must also make sure that the policy you purchase allows easy customisation with regards to additional, add-on covers at the time of policy purchase. This customisation feature is essential as different universities have different guidelines for a student insurance policy. To ensure that your policy purchased from India is valid abroad and fulfil the requirements of the prospective university, you may be required to include additional covers. Thus, it is always wise to opt for a policy that offers easy and flexile customisation of the final policy plan.

When buying a student travel insurance policy, you must consider the extent of medical coverage offered. A medical emergency during the course of academic studies is likely to disrupt your child's schedule if hospitalisation is essential. Medical aid abroad is a costly affair and a spate of illness that required prompt medical attention is likely to burn a large hole in your pocket. It is therefore wise to opt for a policy that offers optimal coverage for a variety of medical emergencies, so that your child's allowance or finances are not affected even during a medical exigency.

Some insurance companies Like ICICI Lombard offer the compassionate visit feature with the insurance on student travel. In case your child is hospitalised for more than 7 days, then this feature allows a parent to visit their child. Under this feature, the family member visiting abroad is reimbursed for round trip economy class tickets and accommodation. Thus, parents can look after their child and ensure optimal care in case of a medical emergency.

Apart from medical cover and other non-medical cover, the policy period of your student travel policy is extremely essential. Most courses for higher studies in foreign universities have duration of two years. You must thus, select a plan that offers a continuous policy period of two years. This will not only offer convenience to parents and students but will also eliminate the worry of missing policy renewal dates.

Thus, a policy which offers all these benefits will surely help to make your child's transition to a foreign country safe, secure and hassle free.

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