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Insurance Article

Five Reasons Why Students Need Travel Insurance

January 16 2015

However, if your child is travelling to any country on planet Earth, then make sure to avail a student travel insurance plan.
Student travel insurance policy ensures that your child's study and stay abroad is smooth and hassle-free. A comprehensive insurance policy safeguard's your child's interest in case of an unfortunate event like a health scare or loss of belongings. Read more to understand five reasons why students need travel insurance.

Peace of Mind

Sending your child overseas is a tough choice, emotionally as well as financially. A student travel insurance plan lends a much-needed monetary backup in case of any unfortunate event in a foreign land. Availing the travel policy brings peace of mind to the students as well as to the concerned parents back home.

Mandatory Coverage

The cost of education is constantly northward moving; who in their right mind would want to increase it further by paying in dollars for health insurance (when a cheaper and a better substitute is available at home)? United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada rank among the preferred educational destinations in the world. Universities in these countries make it mandatory for students to avail health insurance.

Indian insurance companies offer student travel plans at one-third the price of those offered by foreign university-linked insurers. These policies are compatible with the university mandates and are a cost-effective way to follow the law of the land as well as ensure your child's safety.

Comprehensive Healthcare

The following figures underline the need for a comprehensive student travel insurance plan:

Treatment Approximate Cost in India (in Rs.) Approximate Cost in America (in Rs.)
Orthopedic Surgery 3 Lakh 10 Lakh

In case your child needs prompt medical attention while undergoing an academic course, an insurance policy will shield you from spending an outrageous amount of money for the treatment.

Trip Coverage

Documentation is of utmost importance when one is in a foreign land. The benefits of availing a student travel insurance plan are not limited to healthcare, they also help insure loss of passport, and checked-in baggage loss. Medical as well non-medical events are covered under an insurance policy.

Study Period Coverage

student travel insurance plans have been designed to protect your interest and ensure that your child's entire study period is insured, in times of adversity. From treatment of mental and nervous disorders to medical expenses for intercollegiate sports injuries, a sound insurance plan would cover it all. Various other clauses like Personal Accident, Personal Liability, Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection etc. help to extend the coverage of the policy.

Leading insurance companies have a wide network of hospitals across the world and can offer quick cashless facilities. While you can't be with your child all the time, you can opt for a sound travel insurance plan to provide the necessary cover. 

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