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Insurance Article

Buy your policy from well-known car insurance companies and enjoy optimal coverage

January 21 2013

It is also essential to renew your car insurance on time as driving your vehicle with an elapsed policy is as serious an offence as not having a policy at all. All car insurance companies in India structure their insurance according to the Motor Vehicle Act, hence buying a car insurance keeps you in line with the law.

With the increase in the number of cars, the number of car insurance companies has also increased and you now have access to several insurance policies with different coverage structures. It would be advantageous to zero down on car insurance providers which satisfy all your needs along with a premium amount which fits into your budget. Thus, comparing quotes from several car insurance companies in India is an essential exercise to choose an optimal coverage to insure your vehicle with. ICICI Lombard may offers coverages in comprehensive motor insurance which offers extensive converge (natural and man-made calamities). The company offering car insuranceallows hassle-free policy purchase through its online portal and you can get access to a digitally signed policy almost instantly.

Coverages under this comprehensive car insurance policy are extensive coverage and offers a multitude of benefits along with several add-on covers. The policy may offers a personal accident cover (according to sum insured) which extends coverage to the driver-owner in case of an accident, disability or death when travelling, mounting or dismounting from the car. This cover is a part of the original policy structure and is provided to the insured without charging any additional premium. Not just that, the insured also has the option of securing co-passengers during an accident with an insurance cover by paying a slightly higher premium which can go a long way in reducing financial burden during such crises.

The coverage for third party liability (which is the minimum, mandatory insurance cover) offers coverage for an unlimited amount if your insured car causes death or serious disability of another person in case of an accident. Not just that, this cover offered by all car insurance companiesmay offers reimbursement (according to sum insured) for the damage caused by your insured car to another person’s property. With this cover in place, you also need not worry about any legal proceedings which may be initiated due to such an unfortunate event.

Listed above are just a few of the benefits which you can avail of with the purchase of comprehensive car insurance. It thus becomes important to select a reliable car insurance company so that you get optimal coverage for your vehicle along with stress-free claim settlement.

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