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Important Safety Precautions While Travelling with Infants Onboard

December 19 2018

Install an infant car-seat for adequate security of your baby

Travelling with infants on board can be a tiring experience if you are not adequately prepared to deal with it. Whether you will be on the road for five hours or for five days, you need to be extra cautious and careful towards the baby, ensuring your trip is enjoyable and not stressful. With careful planning and awareness, you can avoid some common pitfalls and make the journey as smooth as possible.

Here are some important tips to follow if you are planning to travel with an infant onboard.

Check the car condition and its mechanisms

The last thing you would want is a break-down and having to wait by the road-side with an infant. To avoid such a situation, always make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready for the long ride. Check the fuel tank and brim it up if required. Also check the tire pressure and the engine oil. Ensure that all the lights and the air-conditioner of the car are working properly so that your baby feels comfortable inside the vehicle even in extreme weather conditions.

Pack the car with all the right things

Travelling in a car can be stressful for the new-born. So, don’t forget to pack all the basic baby care items like food, diapers, wipes, etc. Also carry baby clothes with you, apart from a blanket, mattress set and other things that will help the baby sleep well and feel comfortable during the journey. You can pack the bulky items like a stroller in the trunk and keep some of the essential things handy, like toys, bottles, pacifiers, food items, etc., to keep the toddler engaged.

Install an infant car seat in your vehicle

You can consider opting for an infant car seat which is designed perfectly according to the child’s age and size. If possible, buy a car seat even before your baby is born to ensure adequate security for the new-born from day one. Read the instruction manual carefully to familiarize yourself with the seat and install it properly in your car to ensure that your baby always has the best experience while travelling in the vehicle.

Never leave the baby alone in the back-seat

This is one of the most important cautionary measures to keep in mind. Never leave the baby alone in the back-seat of your car, under any circumstances. While one person is driving, another can sit in the back with the infant and take care of feeding it regularly, and keeping him entertained. This will help minimize stops and avoid total meltdowns during the journey.

Consider driving at night

It could be very convenient to drive at night if your trip involves an infant. Simply because the baby would sleep during the night and your journey will be easier and faster. Of course, you need to stay awake to take care of the new-born, but the ride can be worry-free and peaceful. But do remember to carry a flashlight and other necessary items along with you in case you plan to start your journey when it’s dark outside.

Plan frequent breaks during the journey

You might be able to go six hours without the need to use a washroom or eating anything, but your baby probably cannot. Hence, plan to stop and take breaks at least once every hour if you’re on for a long journey. Keep supplying refreshments to the baby during the breaks and change the diapers or clothes. It will also provide a good opportunity to refresh yourself and recharge before heading on towards another long stay at the driver’s seat.

Take the route with proper access to amenities

While scenic overlooks and long stretches of open road among the forests may make your road trip worthwhile, they can also make it difficult for you to find help or reprieve in times of distress. Plan to take the route which has abundant access to food stalls, fuel stations, restrooms, and service areas. It will be even better to plot out some pit-stops in advance at some potential hotels in your route, so that you can pull over if required.

Travelling with infants can be quite exhausting, but these simple tips can ensure a convenient and hassle-free journey. Also, be prepared to tackle any unforeseen situation that may arise anytime during the trip. Always carry a first aid box along with you on-board and keep the emergency numbers handy so that you can call if required. Don’t forget to check your car insurance policy  before taking your vehicle out, to keep you and your car secured against any unexpected incident during the journey.

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