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10 Ways to Stay Healthy in Your 40s

September 25 2015

Reboot your system with these lifestyle changes to stay fit and fabulous when you hit 40

It usually takes more than a couple of decades to be closer to what we want to be and live a contented life. Ageing, therefore, isn't something to dread after all. Going up the hill actually gives us a better view of the years behind us so we learn to appreciate each day.

Here are 10 lifestyle changes to implement when you hit your 40s :

1. It's never too late
Time holds a more precious role in our lives at this age. So don't waste it and live the life that makes you proud. In addition, let go of all negative emotions and live every moment of your life without any regrets.
2. Weed out the toxins
It's time to detoxify your body. So eat healthy and avoid junk food. Reduce the use of chemicals and cosmetics. They play havoc on your skin and make you age twice as fast.
3. Start exercising
An unhealthy lifestyle and years of stress will only add to health problems at this age. So stay active and exercise regularly. Join the gym, practice yoga or take a quick walk to get your heart pumping.
4. Get rid of those addictions
We all succumb to addictions like smoking, caffeine, sodas, coffee, tea, sugar or energy drinks due to stress or the penchant for a carefree life. However, four decades down the line, it is time get rid of those toxic habits and lead a healthy life.
5. Keep your brain active
As you age, the functions and capacity of your brain begin to regress. In order to train your brain to remain active, and protect it from diseases and loss of memory, exercise your brain by reading, solving puzzles and indulging in physical exercise.
20150925-5-keep-your-brain- active
6. Put aside money for health issues
It is important to set aside money for health issues that may crop up in the future by investing in funds and health insurance policies to be financially secure during trying times.
7. Trust your strengths and passion
As youngsters, inputs from friends and family influence often us and sometimes even hinder us from following our dreams. With time, you learn to nurture your strengths and trust your instincts to follow your passion.
8. Become an inspiration
This is the time to face chaos with the confidence and wisdom you have achieved with your past life experiences. Now is the time to inspire and be inspired.
9. Don't be too serious
We remain just a miniscule blip in the grander scheme of things and it takes us many years to put this into perspective. However, now is the time to free yourself of over-analysis, perfectionism and rigidity that best described your younger days.
10. Strive for work-life balance
Since it is hard to do so when we are younger, the 40s is the perfect time to unplug periodically and balance work with life rather sprinting through it. With work-life balance, you can reduce stress and restore harmony to your life.

Ageing is inevitable. So in addition to these tips, try to lead a stress-free life and use your experiences to make the next 40 years amazing. It would also be wise to invest in health insurance policies to cover unexpected medical costs or unforeseen health issues. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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