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7 Awesome Ideas to Stay Fit While Working

April 17 2015
Staying fit is not as time consuming as you thought

Since most full time employees work for eight to nine hours a day, learning to manage your health while at your workplace is extremely crucial. For those who have a desk job, the stakes are even higher. Here are a few tips to stay fit while working:

1. Walk

Walk as much as you can. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Develop a habit to walk while talking on your mobile phone. In addition, if you stay close to your workplace, you can consider walking down - not only will you improve your health, but also save money and the environment!

2. Move Around

'Sitting is the New Smoking', writes Rujuta Diwekar, a leading diet consultant, in her book 'Dont Lose Out, Work Out'. This is because the long-term effects of sitting can be extremely harmful. Move around, visit the water cooler, walk briskly after a meal. If a message needs to be delivered to a colleague, walk up to their desk. This will not only improve help your team skills and cut out waiting time but also burn a few extra calories.

3. Watch What You Eat

Diet plays a major role in maintaining our health. It is the fuel for our body and attention should be paid to ensure that only nutritious and wholesome food is consumed. Opt for a healthy home cooked meal instead of junk food that is loaded with unnecessary empty calories.

4. Watch How You Eat

Concentrate while eating. Do not multitask while at the dining table. Activities like checking e-mails, watching TV and receiving phone calls can distract you and lead to overeating. Eat slowly; never rush to gulp your food. Our mind is wired to register a full stomach only 15 minutes after it is actually full.

5. Drink

While one should drink water only when thirsty, air-conditioned office environments can trick us into not feeling thirsty for a long time after starting to dehydrate. That is why one should sip water at regular intervals. Along with water, you can try fresh coconut water, lemonade, or smoothies made from fresh fruit.

Off late, there has been an increase in the consumption of packaged energy drinks, juices, and sodas. While they provide energy, they also have high sugar content, and hence should be avoided unless you really need the extra energy. Also, restrict the consumption of tea and coffee. You can opt for healthier alternatives like decaffeinated green tea or coffee.

6. Stretch

Light exercises and stretches while sitting in a chair can improve flexibility. Ensure that you maintain a proper posture and opt for an ergonomic workstation. Stretch your limbs at regular intervals to aid blood circulation.

7. Stand Up

Be unconventional and alternate between sitting and standing while you work. Standing will help you avoid lethargy, burn calories, aid digestion and improve blood circulation.

Staying fit is not rocket science. Opt from a healthy lifestyle that involves regular exercises and good food. The mantra to remaining fit is to burn more calories than you consume by staying active. A few minor behavioral changes can pave the way for both physical and mental wellbeing. Also, don't forget to buy health insurance policy to safeguard your savings and your future.

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