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Insurance Article

Health insurance maternity coverage in India

August 04 2013

Are you in doubt whether your health insurance policy offers the coverage and provides for the hospitalization costs? The real fact is that most of the health insurance companies operating in India are not providing any special benefits to the pregnant lady of her family to bear the high costs of performing the essential pregnancy procedures. Therefore, at the end all of hospitalization charges which are associated with pregnancy have to be borne by the family and this situation is really hard to explain both financially as well as morally too.

Every lady after marriage has to undergo pregnancy either once or twice or may be even thrice during the pregnancy. However, if seen from the perspective of insurance company, pregnancy is a financial liability rather than an asset that has to eventually taken care of, at least financially, by the insurance company. In India, the insurance companies providing medical insurance are not considering pregnancy or any other kind of medical procedure related with pregnancy as the means to cover under the insurance.

Things don’t actually look smart and cool as they seem from the distance. Very few of the medical insurance companies who have chosen to offer pregnancy coverage in the insurance policy, are providing it at high premiums and that too with limitations. You just cannot have a medical insurance policy covering you comprehensively for the purpose of pregnancy.

It is the time that medical insurance companies in India come out of their cocoon and start behaving in a more dynamic manner, rather than thinking about their own petty monetary benefits altogether. It would not be wrong to say and comprehend that insurance sector in India is still in a nascent stage of its performance. You will hardly have a good medical insurance policy which offers complete coverage on the critical illnesses, let alone the question of providing comprehensive pregnancy coverage.

Hospitalization during the time of pregnancy is not a new thing. If there are serious complications in the pregnancy, it may even take more than a week’s stay in the hospital. All of it requires huge amount of money and these expenses may easily burden an individual from average middle class family. If there is a medical insurance policy which will give you complete coverage for the pregnancy, definitely, things will work in the right manner.

Insurance companies are working on the insurance coverage plan which will provide necessary and essential pregnancy coverage, though it may turn out to be a costly affair for the needy families. However, this big transformation is sure to take much of time and resources to work upon. You have to be pretty sure that when buying the medical insurance coverage of your choice, check out in detail on the terms and conditions as only then you will get the hang whether the medical insurance is covering you for the pregnancy and hospitalization charges altogether.

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