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Insurance Article

Holidays Can Improve Health, Reduce Stress

October 21 2016
Holidays Reduces Stress

Plan more trips for better health

The daily hustle and bustle can leave even the best of us feeling drained and empty. Increased stress is a potent contributor to many lifestyle diseases and is the leading cause of burnout.

Travel can be your saviour. Various research and studies show that a timely holiday can benefit your health in more ways than one. It is about time we think them more as health regime than a luxury of time. Here are some health advantages of travelling.

Stronger Immunity

When travelling, our bodies are exposed to various antibodies. Antibodies are a large Y-shaped protein that are utilised by our immune system to identify and neutralise bacteria and viruses. Exposure to different bacteria overtime strengthens your gut and body thus improving your immunity to take a better load.

Decreases Stress

Travel increases happiness and reduces the symptoms of depression. Even a three-day break can work wonders for your health. It takes you away from the nasty reminder of deadlines and lowers your overall stress level.

The effects of a vacation last even after the trip has ended. The release of stress hormones also triggers happiness and a feeling of well-being.

Makes You Active

Travelling pulls us out of our sedentary lifestyle. It is an opportunity to escape and incorporate an active routine that is different from your desk based job back home. Walking and visiting places to sightsee forces you to get off your feet.

Feel Recharged

A travel is as close to hitting the reset button. Travelling to unknown places and connecting with new people allow you a tremendous amount of growth and introspection. It gives you a fresh perspective on life and makes you more compassionate to empathise. This refreshed mental state is ripe with creative ideas for efficient productivity.

Boost Brain Power

When travelling, you are constantly learning and stretching your cognitive abilities. It makes your mind sharper as you are required to be flexible and learn a new culture and their language. Additionally, people who love to travel are known to be open and emotionally stable compared to their counterparts.

Decreased Risk of Heart Diseases

When you are away from the stress triggers, your mind and body relax. Taking a break makes you live longer. Studies show that people who go on holidays at periodic intervals are less likely to develop heart diseases or suffer from a heart attack.

Thus, vacations are a vital requirement for an overall well-being. The much-needed break refreshes your body and soul and better equips you to handle your responsibilities. Beat the stress by taking a break from your regular routine. Instead of forgoing your “vacation days”; stop feeling guilty and choose to take more vacations.

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