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How Can Runners Stay In Shape With a 9-5 Job?

January 17 2017
Stay in Shape with 9-5 Job

Ways to stay in shape along with a routine 9-5 job

Workouts are optimised around physiology and what we know about our body. Humans generally have a good capacity to expand energy for many hours during sustained exertion.

For working people, long working hours are one of the most common reasons for not exercising. However for runners, the challenge is to be a ‘Ninja’ and plan stealthy workouts when the schedule is overflowing.

Key Work-outs

There are few key work-outs that every runner must plan for the week and are very essential. Typically these would be speed sessions, strength work-outs and long runs. This way there is time to recover and then run hard. The first run can be planned at the start of the week followed by the strength workout on Wednesday and long run towards the weekend.

It is very important to warm up before all of your key workouts to elevate heart and respiration rates along with proper resting period as the body gets catabolic (the breakdown of tissues) when it hits aerobic capacity for too long. Short and Intense runs are good for speed work. 50m sprints would be helpful to move feet quickly and adapt a good running technique. The session need not last more than 60-90 minutes.

Plan repeat runs against a hill or up-slope to build running strength. Butt kicks can be done on the way down. Long runs need to be faster than the average pace needed for the next race. The idea is to run negative splits - to finish faster than you start. It can improve mental toughness and build pace awareness.

Discreet Desk Exercises

Being desk-bound there is no room for movement during the day. It can be a challenge to hit the gym in between work. But, you can always plan for few discreet exercises that will keep you active and in shape between the work deadlines. Stretching body parts, seated leg and heel raises and running in place for specific intervals etc., should be done to improve muscle strength and blood circulation.

You cannot stop the clock from ticking and the boss from demanding but having the right workplace culture is far more important. Runners take fewer sick days and bring more energy to the workplace. Always think out of the box. If it is not possible to change what you do for work, instead change who you are working for.

With your current working skills, apply for organizations that engage, manage or working for sprint events, marathons etc. You can even become a coach as there are a number of options in the coaching world including virtual training. Incremental changes to your lifestyle have a much greater chance of creating real change. Every human being is the author of his own health.

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