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Hyper Functional Beverages

January 24 2017
Hyper Functional Beverages

High energy drinks to hydrate, satiate, and boost energy

Consumers these days are reaching out for more and more ready-to-consume and healthy beverages than ever before. They are reaching out for drinks with less sugar and calories and organic super-drinks, which are season-neutral.

What Are Hyper Functional Beverages?

Hyper Functional Beverages are non-alcoholic drinks that keep body hydrated and provide overall nutritional wellness. These fortified drinks prevent or help address health issues across all age groups. The fortification could be herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, anti-oxidants, fruits, vegetables, and extracts that helps to maintain balance and boost immunity.

Types of Hyper Functional Beverages

Hyper functional beverages can be categorised based on their type into energy drinks, sports drinks, nutraceutical drinks, dairy-based beverages, juices, enhanced water, and others. Energy and sports drinks account for the most of these beverages but consumption of protein drinks is gradually on the rise.

Cultural focus on protein, wellness, and natural drinks are all driving innovation in the field of hyper functional beverages. A new class of ultra-healthy beverages like vitamin-dusted waters is trending that include inventive health concepts like green-tea extracts, apple cider vinegar, medicinal mushroom etc.

Benefits and Wellness Trends

Hyper functional beverages provide immediate energy boost, which makes you feel ready for the day, or helps you get over with the dull period at work. Consumers are increasingly discerning and want better results without putting in appropriate efforts.

Increasing numbers of children and adults are regularly consuming energy drinks to get relief from fatigue and improve mental alertness. The future of the hyper-functional beverages is to make every calorie and ingredient count towards its purpose and function.

Tea is the most consumed beverage all over the world. There are many variants in organic green tea, which are also ready-to-drink. It has ingredients, which are bioactive. Flavonoids in tea also have cardiovascular and metabolic benefits.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and turmeric have been a predominant staple for both dietary and supplement usage. They have high phenols such as Gallic acid, Catechin, and Caffeic acid, which protect the gut by quenching free radical damage and reduce inflammation.

Hyper Functional Beverage Industry

The Hyper-functional beverage industry includes a wide range of beverages targeting different health-related concerns apart from hydrating, satiating, and boosting energy. These hyper-functional beverages include performance drinks, fruit drinks, soy drinks etc., which claim to improve immunity, digestion, memory aides and even heart health.

The functional beverage industry in India has to compete with traditional and homemade drinks. It is an established fact that herbal and natural extracts have a great impact on the overall well-being along with appearance and attitude. Plant and Fibrous protein are replacing traditional protein shakes and powders.

The Road Ahead

Hyper functional beverages may offer short-term benefits but are not a substitute for proper diet and exercise. In order to stay healthy throughout your life, you need to eat healthy food and develop a fitness regime. A comprehensive health insurance that promotes wellness activities is a good way to secure your health in the long run.

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