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Insurance Article

Individual health insurance - An advantage in a medical emergency

March 05 2013

This not only reduces the burden of paying large medical bills but also keeps you better prepared should a medical emergency arise. When looking to buy individual health insurance, it becomes important to consider several factors, most important being your budget. A thorough knowledge of finances to be dispensed in the policy can help you decide on several other aspects like sum insured, policy tenure, deductible amount, etc.

The health care plus policy offered by ICICI Lombard offers individual cover for each member of the family. The flexibility and benefits extended by this insurance policy make it an affordable health insurance plan. Under this plan, the flexibility in the choice of sum insured and deductibles makes it perfect for those who wish to add to added coverage to their current health insurance policy. This feature is extremely crucial especially if your medical expenses go beyond the coverage boundary in your existing policy. The plan comes into effect once the deductible amount is reached and can be instrumental in reducing the financial burden which medical emergencies impose. The coverage under the individual health insurance policy is offered against diseases or illness is applicable hospitalisation of minimum 24 hour duration. Expenses like ,boarding/ room rent, fees payable to doctor or surgeon, expenses incurred to purchase medicines and surgical supplies as also blood and radiological tests are covered under this policy.

Sub-limit is the limit set on the sum insured by the insured person for any treatment, disease or services covered under this policy when making claims. Co-payment involves the amount payable by the insured for medical services offered by his or her plan. With the absence of Sub-limit and co-payments, this policy further allows you to enjoy better health care coverage and reduces the loss of finances when faced with a medical emergency.

The coverage period of maximum two years and hassle-free renewability up to 70 years of age enhance the overall benefits offered by this policy. With the entry age between 5 to 65 years, you can enjoy seamless benefits with this health insurance policy. Upon renewal of the policy, any one member insured under this policy can avail of a free health check-up.

Thus, this affordable health insurance plan is in effect an enhanced sum insured and does not require the payment of a heavy premium cost. Disclaimer The article contains only an indication of the cover offered. For complete details on coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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