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Insurance Article

Personal health insurance rescues you in tough times

August 26 2014

Life and times today are so fast that people spend time on earning wealth ignoring their health – that is hard fact of the competitive world.

So you have to lead a very hectic life to remain ahead of others and there is something happening constantly in your mind. There are personal and professional matters to deal with. Various occupational, psychological and physical factors affect your well being most of the times. Thus it is utmost important that you secure your health and keep yourself ready for any kind of medical emergency. Your health insurance will help you in case you are hospitalised and need financial assistance immediately.

Why Health Insurance: These days, hospitalisation and medicines come at a price that can amount to a lot. If you have a medical emergency, it may prove to be a financial burden. You may not be able to arrange for money at once. Thus, you must secure a health policy so that you can be ready to face any difficulty.

Benefits: There are many benefits of purchasing personal accident insurance. You not only avail cashless hospitalisation during an emergency, but you also get tax benefits when you purchase health insurance. You also get pre and post hospitalization charges when you buy a health policy. Various discounts and added cover provides further value to your money. You can claim cover for pre existing illnesses, ambulance charges and also dental treatment on your health policy.

Advantage of Buying Online: You can instantly purchase personal health insurance online. Once you choose a particular policy and buy it with your credit or master card, you receive a confirmatory email. Your policy hard copy reaches you within a week of application. The key advantage of buying a health policy online is that you can access it from anywhere. Insurance companies also provide online assistance if you have any queries. You can also opt for a policy that provides cover for two years so that you do not have to worry about extending it after a year.

It is more important to secure health insurance instead of life insurance because you also avail doctor's fees and medicine expenses with your health policy.

When you buy health insurance online, you must go through various policies, compare their benefits and then select the one that suits your needs. Insurance company websites give all the information of their different policies. You can compare different rates and premium payment options at your leisure. Your premium is decided according to your age and income. You are charged a lower premium if you buy a policy at a young age. You can check health quotes of various companies before choosing the best one.

There are various other benefits of securing a health policy like you get a cover for two adults on a single insurance. If you do not have claims in a particular year your insured amount is increased at no extra charges.

Thus buying health insurance is the best way to protect you from unwanted risks and health hazards.

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