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Insurance Article

Protect Your Heart Before It’s Too Late

December 22 2016
Protect Your Heart

Reasons to get insurance related to heart diseases as soon as possible

The Worrying Statistics

Lifestyle-based diseases are more common than ever, making them the new threat we need to tackle. Among the many lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases, cardiovascular diseases are the top causes of deaths around the world, as per the World Health Organisation. As per the findings of the report, cardiovascular diseases cause more fatalities than any other disease.

In a similar report by the Registrar General of India, 23% of 1.8 lakh deaths across the country in 2010-2013 were caused by cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it is estimated to increase and account for about 35.9% of deaths by 2030. This means Indians will bear the brunt of heart diseases in the near future in case they are not prepared.

High Susceptibility

Heart diseases are not restricted to people aged 50 or above anymore. We are witnessing a rise of heart diseases among people in the age group 25-35 years as per Dr. Ajay Chaurasia, Head of Cardiology, BYL Nair Hospital.

These findings can be easily attributed to the sedentary lifestyle that most of us are comfortable with. Physical inactivity, when clubbed with unhealthy eating habits, doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases and complications such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and imbalance in lipid levels among many others.

Medical Inflation

Our burden of medical expenses is increasing and is further expected to rise. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), the average cost of hospitalisation increased 10.7% in urban areas and 10.1% in the rural during 2004-2014.

Thus, although patients from all over the world come to India for hospitalisation, healthcare cost for most Indians, be it in private or public hospitals is growing. This increase is attributed to the increase in demand for a better infrastructure, which is provided by private hospitals at a higher cost.

Cost Of Corrective Surgery

The base cost of heart surgeries is usually high and when added with other charges can eat into your savings if you are not careful. The parameters that determine the cost of your heart surgery are:

  • Age and pre-existing medical conditions
  • Type of heart surgery – Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), Transmyocardial Laser Revascularisation, Heart Valve Repair/ Replacement (HVR), Arrhythmia Treatment, Aneurysm Repair, Heart Transplant, Ventricular Assist Devices, Open-Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery, etc.
  • Materials used for treatment, such as valve implants, stents, etc.
  • Type of technique used like Off-pump or On-pump
  • Unexpected complications
  • The location you are being operated in, which can be 10-15% higher in metro cities
  • Surgeon’s fee, OT charges, etc.
  • Type of room, duration of your stay

Apart from these major expenses, you will be subjected to medications all your life. Thus, in case you or a loved one is hospitalised and has to undergo CABG, you would need at least ` 3.5 lakh for the procedure. While a heart attack will cost you ` 3-5 lakh, an HVR surgery can reach about ` 6.2 lakh in figures.

What’s more, you will need to pay for diagnostic charges such as ECGs, MRIs, CT-Scans, blood test, full lipid profile, and other medical tests that easily run in thousands. Post-hospitalisation costs such as follow-up consultation fee and medications along with recovery expenses add up quickly.

A complete health insurance policy will cover all these expenses – pre and post hospitalisation, subject to the maximum sum insured chosen by you. It also comes with a wellness program that can reward you for being hale and hearty. Such plans are also adjusted for inflation, which means you are protected adequately regardless of increasing medical costs!

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