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Tips to Keep Yourself Protected from the Deadly Nipah Virus

June 13 2018

The Nipah virus has no vaccine and the basic treatment for this deadly disease is intensive supportive care

The Nipah Virus Infection (NiV) is a deadly viral infection that affects both humans and animals. Fruit Bats are the natural host of the virus and it can spread from animals to humans and from humans to humans. The symptoms of the virus are similar to influenza but it is a lot more serious.

Over 50 to 75 percent of those infected, died, making this a fatal disease. There is no known cure for it yet, but there are preventive steps you can take in order to be safe.

Don’t Eat Infected Fruits

Since the virus is primarily caused by Fruit Bats, it’s essential to take precaution when consuming fruit. Don’t pick up and eat fruits fallen on the ground, as they could have been bitten by fruit bats and could be infected. Even while buying fruits from the market, don’t have any that seem bitten or not whole.

Thoroughly Wash all Fruits and Vegetables

The Nipah Virus Infection is borne in fruits and since we can’t know which fruits are infected with our bare eyes, washing all fruits and even vegetables thoroughly is a must. Peeling fruits and vegetables before consumption is an even better precautionary measure. Only eat clean, well-cooked, home-made meals until the outbreak settles.

Don’t Consume Date Palm Sap

During an outbreak of the virus, there’s a high chance that date palms are contaminated and you should not consume date palm sap. Fruit bats gravitate to date palm trees and infect them with licking and other bodily secretions.

Stay Away from Infected Animals and Humans

A key precautionary measure is to avoid all contact with infected pigs, bats and humans. While human-to-human transmission of the Nipah virus infection is very uncommon, it’s not impossible. Stay away from those affected by the virus and in case you have to see them, wear a mask.

Maintain Strict Hygiene

In a situation of any virus outbreak, maintaining personal and home hygiene is a must. Wash your hands regularly, especially after coming from crowded public places and avoid using public washrooms. Keep your home surroundings extra clean and tidy.

Report Early Symptoms and Get Tested

The Nipah virus can develop without the infected person showing any symptoms. But in most cases the symptoms are evident and are very similar to those of influenza. Fever, muscle pain, headaches, vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, mental confusion and disorientation are common symptoms. If you start to notice any of these symptoms, don’t delay a visit to a doctor.

While these steps are effective, they are only precautionary. Due to the complicated way that virus infections spread, you can never be too sure. Getting health insurance cover is the ultimate safety step you can take.

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