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Yoga and Its Benefits

January 27 2015

The three disciplines of Yoga are namely Pranayam, Yogasana and Meditation. While the first two aid the body to heal from multiple disorders and strengthen muscles and bones, the last discipline, meditation, trains the mind and prepares it for a higher level of consciousness. Read on to learn a few easy Yoga steps and their benefits.

Watching your breath through Pranayam

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" meaning 'to unite' or 'to integrate'.

Breathing exercises or Pranayam refers to "extension of the prana, or the life force." According to Ayurveda and ancient Hindu texts:

• Prana is the life force which pervades the entire Universe and it is what makes us "living"
• Prana enters our body through the breaths we take
• On passing away, prana leaves the body with the last breath

Bhastrika Pranayam aims to exert voluntary control over breathing and creates an awareness of the breathing process. Let us see a few of these exercises, before we get into the details of its benefits.

• Bhastrika - Sit in a relaxed lotus posture or Sukhasana and take a deep breath. Hold your breath for a few seconds and release it gently. Repeat this for 5 to 10 times. (Always breathe through the nose and not through the mouth.)


• Kapalbhati - Sit in a relaxed lotus posture and take a deep breath. Exhale by pushing the stomach inside. Inhalation should be done with the least effort after that. Concentrate on exhaling by pushing the stomach. Repeat this for around 25 times in the beginning and take it up to 200 times.

Anulom Vilom• Anulom Vilom - Sit in a relaxed lotus posture. Using the thumb, press the sides of the right nostril to close it and breathe through the left nostril. Now using the ring and middle finger, press the side of the left nostril and exhale through the open right nostril. Next inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Repeat this for 25 times in the beginning and take it up to 200 times.

Pranayam exercises are known to cure...






Highblood Pressure



And Much More!



Perfecting postures through Yogasanas

Whether it is relaxation or joint pain or getting rid of the nagging backache, one will find a Yogasana cure for it. A couple of these are:

• Trikonasana -TrikonasanaStand with your legs spaced out such that the distance between them is around 2 and half feet. Place your left hand, palm facing downwards, on the ground beside your left foot and raise your right hand straight up while looking up. This forms a three-angled structure with

the hand as one angle and the two feet as the other two angles, and hence the name. This asana is beneficial for:

• Healthy pregnancy term
• Reduction of blood pressure
• Controlled blood flow throughout the body
• Reduction of stress and anxiety

• Ardha Halasana - Also called the half-plough pose, this asana is performed by lying on the back and then slowly raising the left leg until it is perpendicular to the body. After holding it for a few seconds, slowly bring the leg down and lift the right leg (and repeat). This asana is useful for:

Tips to Maintain Your Car • Improving the functions of abdominal organs
• Constipation and indigestion
• Reducing belly fats
• Toning thigh muscles
• Improving appetite
• Curing arthritis and lumbar spondylitis

These asanas, along with Paranayam can help us live a healthier and fuller life. With the growing incidences of many lifestyle disorders, Yoga has found more followers than ever and the relevance of this integrated science has increased manifold.

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