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Health Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

8 Popular Indian Food Myths Busted

September 23 2015

If you have been avoiding eggs for fear of cholesterol or munching on suji gol gappas as a healthy snack, you've been fooled into believing these myths that are masquerading as health tips. Here are 8 such Indian food myths that have been passed down for generations.

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How Does Sitting Affect You Negatively & What To Do About It

September 21 2015

Unlike our ancestors, who were active throughout the day, today more than half our waking life involves sedentary activities like watching television, working at a desk or commuting

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September 02 2015

Here are 14 ways - architectural, technological and non-electrical - that will help improve the quality of life for the physically challenged:

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A Disability-Friendly Environment

September 02 2015

Disability or impairment can afflict any person, young or old. While some are born with a disability, others encounter untoward incidents that result in disability. Accidental injuries, age-related disabilities or genetically developed impairments are therefore a part of life.

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Save Your Spine, Buy a Backpack

August 18 2015

Heavily loaded bags and incorrect ways of carrying them are some of the major causes of back or neck aches among youngsters today. To protect your back and prevent ailments, it is important to know the structure and function of the spine.

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7 Terrible Diet Tips You Should Never Follow

August 17 2015

Our society has been attuned to seeing individuals with a certain physical body type. Anyone who does not does not fit into the conventional standards is considered an outlier. However, following crazy diets or starving just to get that perfect beach body can be unhealthy.

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How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan for Your Family?

August 12 2015

According to World Bank reports, the healthcare expenditure in India was a whopping 90.4 Billion USD in the year 2013 as against 78.6 Billion USD in 2012.The importance of covering your family with the right blend of health insurance products cannot be over-emphasized.

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Tax Benefits from Health Insurance

August 11 2015

Benefit doubly with a health insurance policy that offers health coverage and tax deduction.

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7 Vital Steps towards Good Health

August 10 2015

The World Health Organization defines good health as not merely the absence of diseases but also a reflection of the social and mental well-being. Being healthy doesn't just mean that you are not unwell. It involves the concept of physical, mental and social health. Here are some methods that will help you to achieve an overall healthy life.

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Group Insurance vs. Personal Insurance

July 21 2015

Sandeep Fernandez, an employee of an IT company, commanded a pay package that was not only at par with the best in the industry, but also included a company-sponsored group health insurance for employees

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