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Insurance Article

5 Ways to Ensure Safety When Using Gas Cylinders

August 29 2018

With nearly 80% of homes having access to LPG gas and more to follow suit, understanding how to handle lpg gas cylinders becomes crucial

Today, a vast majority of homes employ LPG gas cylinders as their primary fuel for cooking food. With the number of homes increasing daily, the need for awareness of safety precautions is being felt more acutely. Gas cylinders are sources of highly flammable Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is compressed to reduce the space it occupies.

Due to the nature of this gas and its confinement, safe handling of the cylinder is of utmost importance to avert disaster. Read on to find 5 ways you can minimize or eliminate the risk of accidents related to gas cylinders.

How to Store

Arguably the most important step in ensuring safety is its storage. The ideal place to store a gas cylinder is in a well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight. Due to the nature of the substances within, it is important to keep the cylinder away from sources of heat, flammable substances, electric sockets or spaces where you receive transmission from the TV etc.

Maintaining the Cylinder

Since accidents are often a direct result of rust, dents or damage to the cylinder, keeping a check on it is important. Similar to a machine or piece of equipment, regular maintenance of the LPG cylinder is crucial to ensuring its smooth functioning. You can keep a note of the date of manufacturing which is written on the cylinder itself.

If there is a need for repairs, ensure you purchase accessories from a certified and authorized gas distributor.

Check the Valve

Every time the LPG is left unattended for a long period of time, turning off the valve is a must. If the valve is left on, there is a possibility of a malfunction and a gas leak. Thus, it is important to turn it off when you leave your home for extended periods of time.

Position of the Cylinder

Whether it is during the transportation process or during use, a gas cylinder should be kept upright always. Avoid keeping them horizontal or rolling them over to increase their life. This is to refrain from creating a disturbance within the cylinder, which can cause mishaps.

In Case of a Leak

While above tips greatly reduce the possibility of a leak, it bodes well to stay prepared in the event of a leak. If you smell the gas near your kitchen space, create a soap and water solution and place it near the mouth of the cylinder. If bubbly substances are formed, then there is evidence of a gas leak. In such a case, avoid: use of lighter, operation of electrical appliances and switches. Instead, open windows and doors, to allow the leak to disperse. If the smell remains, move the cylinder to an open place.

Get Home Insurance

Taking out a home insurance ensures a sense of security and provides coverage against such accidents, thereby keeping your family secure and safe, always! With these helpful tips, protect your home and family from unforeseeable events.

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