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Insurance Article

What to Do In Case Of Car Breakdown

December 06 2015
Timely maintenance prevents unexpected breakdown

All you need to know about car breakdown and ways to tackle it

A car breakdown is the mechanical failure of a motor vehicle, which disrupts its working and makes it dangerous to operate. In some cases, the vehicle stops working altogether. Breakdowns can occur due to a variety of reasons and can often be avoided through timely maintenance.

Listed below are the common causes for vehicle failure and few useful tips on what can be done in these situations.

Faulty or Low/Dead Battery

A faulty or dead battery is one of the biggest reasons for a vehicle breakdown. If there is a problem in battery, it can be due to poor electrical connection or the battery terminal may be corroded. Regular checking and maintenance can help in avoiding this problem.

Damaged/Flat Tyres

The tread depth of a tyre should be checked regularly for wear and tear. Tyre pressure also needs to be checked as under-inflated tyres lead to extra strain on the tyre wall, which finally causes the car to breakdown. Nails, screws and other sharp objects in debris can put the tyres at risk.

Running Out of Fuel

Keep an eye on the fuel gauge; else, you could be stranded halfway in your drive. In some cases, people put the wrong type or inferior quality of fuel in their vehicles, which leads to internal damage as well.

Lost/Misplaced Keys

Being locked out of your car or losing keys is a surprisingly common factor. Keep a spare key handy to avoid such cases.

Overheating of Engine

With the soaring temperatures and congested traffic scene, the car engine is often susceptible to overheating. It is important to check the efficiency of the cooling system in place for your car to avoid losing coolant through leakages.

As it can be observed, most of these problems can be avoided through regular checking and updating the parts of your car. However, even while observing all these guidelines, there are times when you are stuck on the road with a car that refuses to turn on. What can the stranded driver do in such cases?

Curb the panic associated with car breakdowns

Road Side Assistance

From services like towing and fuel-refill to mechanic visit and assistance over phone, the Road Side Assistance feature offers substantial relief. Some service providers even offer accommodation and another vehicle to save time.

Motor companies and insurance companies offer this feature to car owners, making their lives easier.

Insurance and Car Breakdown

Car breakdown is a daunting situation and one of the major menaces faced by vehicle owners. Many insurance companies recognise that and offer round the clock Road Side Assistance service along with a comprehensive car insurance plan.

They offer services like flat tyre change, arrangement of spare key, breakdown support over phone, an on-spot technician for minor repairs, etc. Special services like relaying of an urgent message and accommodation arrangement are also offered.

With such a wide range of services offered with insurance benefits, the panic induced by a car breakdown may as well be a thing of the past.

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