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Insurance Article

Lifestyle Products for Permanently Disabled

September 02 2015

Regain independence with these lifestyle products

Permanent Disability involves injury or sickness that restricts a person’s ability to earn a living or be self-reliant. Individuals with permanent disability are unable to perform certain basic tasks and jobs that they would otherwise be eligible for by virtue of education, training or experience. Unfortunately, such disabilities often remain with them for a lifetime.

Several lifestyle products that are specially designed to help people with physical disability are available in the market. These include simple crutches, walkers, and canes, to customized products like the Jaipur foot. Here are some of the products and aids that can enhance the quality of life of people with disability:

Canes and Wheeled Walkers

Canes provide great help in increasing daily movement and continuing routine activities. They are easily available in the market in different shapes, sizes, materials, and even designs. Right from straight to molded, wooden to folding, and even seat canes are available to choose based on individual needs.

For those whom the cane might not be as beneficial, there are wheeled walkers too. They are easy and sturdy, to facilitate easy movement both indoors and outdoors. Being lightweight, with wheels in the front, makes it an ideal choice for the elderly.

Grab Bars

Grab bars is yet another lifestyle product that helps those with disability to take one more step to independence. Mostly used in washrooms, it makes it safer while walking on slippery surfaces and can be installed anywhere on the walls. These come with a strong suction to the surface so there is no drilling required.

Technology-powered Wheelchairs

Power chairs are the technologically advanced version of the regular wheelchairs and are specially designed for people with major disabilities. It can be controlled by a remote or a control panel on the armrest to direct the battery-powered wheels.

Future of Assistive Technologies

There have been quite a few developments in the Assistive Technological space to empower people with physical disabilities. E-books like Kindle and Sony E-reader are proving to be helpful for those with learning disabilities and other conditions. Text-to-Speech capability is also being developed to suit into all your devices.

Additional Assistive Products

There are many other assistive products that are easily available with a pharmacist or any disability product website. These include high-powered glasses, bath seats, joint support bandages, etc. These products can surely help in making the daily life activities smoother.

Such lifestyle products aim to give the lives of the disabled a new meaning and help them become differently-abled individuals. There are many who may have been permanently disabled due to circumstances but refuse to be bedridden. In such situations, these products prove to be a good support.

Avoid Financial Disability

Technology is being developed to facilitate and empower disabled individuals to get back into their mainstream life, as much as possible. Although things might not be normal, they can at least get a little better with sufficient aid and adequate financial help.

In most cases, one might never know when such a situation could arise. Therefore, being prepared and getting adequate cover can help. A substantial insurance cover will assist individuals to get back and reclaim their life by protecting financial losses. Disability might be a physical setback but don’t let it become a financial setback.


Permanent Physical Disability

Grab Bars provide good support

Grab Bars provide good support

Power-enabled wheelchair

Power-enabled wheelchair

Avoid financial disability with insurance

Avoid financial disability with insurance


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