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Smart Furniture Choices for Mid-sized Homes

April 17 2015

Considering upgrading your home furniture? Here are a few offbeat ideas.

Read on, to know how these novel furniture ideas can help you live large in a small home.

Living Room Essentials

Dual Purpose Ottoman
An ottoman, also known as a tuffet, is an upholstered stool without arms or back. Often sold with certain models of armchairs, it is an ideal addition to your living room. This multi-purpose piece of furniture can be used as a coffee table, a stool, or a footstool. Look for a hollow ottoman that offers storage space.

Bookshelf Centre Table
A centre table or a side table can double up as a bookshelf. You can choose from a variety of antique or minimalistic styles and create that much needed additional space.

Two-seater Sofas
Also known as, love seats, these sofas are apt for small spaces. If possible, place two of these in a room. They are compact and do not take up space. Further, some of these two-seaters also feature pullout beds that can accommodate overnight guests.

Window Seat
Curl up with your favorite book and a cup of coffee on a window seat. Yes, why don’t you utilize the space in front of your window? A custom-made window seat can also have additional drawers that can be used a small cabinet.

Revamp Your Kitchen

Kitchen Counter
If you crave a dining table and have no choice but to have meals on the sofa, here are some unique ideas inspired for limited spaces.

- Remodel you counter-top as a dining table.
- Look for trendy convertible furniture such as a foldable table and chairs.
- A leading furniture designer has even come up with a painting frame that can also be used as a tabletop. You can have such a piece custom made to suit your needs and to reflect your appreciation for art.
- If your kitchen does not have ample counter space, add a movable cart to carry cooked meals or other crockery.

Utilize Gallery/Balcony Space
Transform your 1BHK apartment to a 2BHK condo by converting a gallery or a dry balcony into a fully functional kitchen. This quirky idea is currently being used in countries facing a real estate crunch, such as Japan and Singapore. Such kitchens can include built-in microwave, a refrigerator, a cooking range, and ceiling-high kitchen cabinets that utilize as much space as possible.

Bedroom Space Savers

Mirrored Cabinets
Mirrors and small spaces are best friends. Mirrors create the illusion of space, and when paired with closets and cabinets, they lend a chic look to your home. Moreover, full-length mirrors on wardrobes eliminate the need to have a separate vanity unit. Those who follow feng shui or vastu shastra for home interiors can cover these mirrors with thick curtains at nights because these sciences discourage mirrors that face beds.

Bunk Beds
Bunk beds can be custom-made to have three tiers, two tiers or have one large tier with a king-size bed. These upraised beds free up essential space on the ground.

While choosing furniture or ordering furniture online for a mid-sized home ensure you have proper measurements of the space available. Further, the furniture should be lightweight, simple, multipurpose, and as compact as possible, to transform your house to Home Sweet Home.

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