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Insurance Article

Things to Remember While Using a Room Heater

December 10 2018

Keep the room heater away from pets, children and other objects and ensure proper safety

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s time for you to take out your stacked woolen wear, buy cold creams and brace yourself to tackle the harsh weather conditions. A prudent option to counter the winter blues and keep your living space warm is to invest in an electric room heater, which is both comforting and economical.

However, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, approximately one-third of all house fires during the winters are caused by space-heater related issues. That’s a lot of danger for such a small appliance, which is why it is essential to keep certain safety tips in mind while using these portable space heaters:

Buy certified space heaters

All the electric appliances are tested and certified as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) on the basis of certain safety parameters. The manufacturers of these products are required to provide crucial information about the construction and usage of the appliances. Hence, you should always buy a BIS-certified room heater, that will be risk-free and safe to use at home.

Keep heaters away from objects and people

Electric heaters generate a lot of hot air by converting electrical energy into heat. This makes them dangerous for pets and children as they can get electric shocks or serious burns by accidental contact with the appliance. Also, it should be kept away from objects that may catch fire, including decorations, clothes, rugs, furniture, etc.

Place the heater away from water

Try not to use your space heater in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area where it could be exposed to water. Even if you do need to use the heater in such areas, makes sure it’s placed at a safe distance away from potential splashes of water or leaks. If your heater comes in direct contact with the water, it could damage the electrical system, start a fire, or pose a threat of shock or electrocution to anyone nearby.

Plug directly into the wall outlet

You should always try to avoid using extension cords and plug your room heater directly into an electrical wall outlet. Electric heaters draw a lot of power and using an extension cord increases the chances of overheating, electric fires, or shock injuries. Even you if need to use the extension cord, make sure it is appropriately rated and sized for heavy appliances.

Do not over load the socket

Never overload the socket where electric heater is plugged. Plugging the space heater in the same circuit along with other electrical appliances into a receptacle will create excessive heat in the circuit and may start an electrical fire or a short circuit. This could lead to damage to the costly appliance and the electrical system of your house.

Don’t leave the heater unattended for long

You should never leave your room heater unattended for a prolonged period. Always remember to switch off and unplug the appliance before leaving the room or going to bed. Prolonged usage of heaters in closed rooms can be dangerous as it can create carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and weakness.

Look for heater with additional safety features

There are many portable heater models available in the market that include a variety of safety features that help take a lot of worry out while using them. For example, a heater with tip-over protection will automatically shut-off if it’s tipped over for any reason, and a cool-touch housing on the front that prevents accidental burns if a person accidentally comes in contact with the heater. These are useful safety features, particularly if you have active children or pets at home.

Inspect and maintain your heater regularly

You should occasionally inspect your room heater to make sure it’s clean and working properly. Check for damage in the unit and cord, and whether it’s heating sufficiently. In case of any discrepancies, contact the service centre and get it resolved immediately.

As important as it is to take adequate safety measures, it’s equally necessary to stay financially secured in case of an unforeseen incident. That is why you must buy an accident insurance policy to protect yourself against mishaps and tackle such situations with ease.

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