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Top 7 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Travelling Abroad

December 28 2018

There are several health benefits of travelling abroad which have been proven scientifically Travelling abroad has its own health benefits

The mere thought of travelling abroad is enthralling. You visit a new place, meet new people, learn their culture, and discover their way of living. While all of these are good enough reasons to pack your bags for an international vacation but did you know there are scientifically proven health benefits of travelling abroad? Here are 7 such benefits:

  1. Reduces stress

    Though it may sound quite obvious, do you know exactly how many days of vacation can maximize the stress-reducing benefits of travelling? Well, it’s eight days. A team of scientists at Finland’s University of Tampere found in 2015 that it requires eight days to fully gain from the benefits of a holiday and bring down stress levels.

    Stress is the primary reasons for several ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes, headaches, depression, etc. So, the next time you plan to travel abroad make sure you spend at least eight days to fully enjoy your vacation and also lower your stress levels.

  2. Enhances happiness and satisfaction

    A Cornell University study found that one experiences a direct increase in happiness by just planning a trip. Thus, health benefits kick-in just as you begin planning your vacation abroad. A good enough reason to tick the next international travel destination from your bucket list, isn’t it?

  3. Boosts immune system

    Going on an international vacation also boosts your immune system. Studies have found that when you visit new places abroad, your body is exposed to different pathogens that create stronger antibodies in your immune system.

    These antibodies boost the overall immune system of your body and make it more robust and fit to fight diseases and ailments.

  4. Reduces risk of heart attacks

    Heart attacks have been one of the leading causes of deaths in India. According to the Indian Heart Association, 50% of heart attacks in the country occur under 50 years of age, while 25% of it occurs under 40 years of age. While adopting healthy lifestyle habits can curb chances of heart attacks, travelling abroad can also reduce the risk.

    A Framingham Heart Study found that men and women undertaking an international trip abroad are less likely to suffer heart attacks and heart diseases. This is because they are more stress-free and less anxious compared to those who don’t travel abroad.

  5. Improves your creativity

    Another aspect that gets positively affected by travelling abroad is creativity. Experts have found that international experiences increase cognitive flexibility, depth and thought coherence. This is further enhanced when you indulge with the locals and immerse yourself in their culture.

    Multicultural engagement and adaptation have a positive influence on the entire body, including the brain that aids you in being more creative than before. It also keeps negative thoughts at bay, thus helping you to lead a happier life.

  6. Lowers risk of depression

    A study reported in the World Health Organisation (WHO) found at least 6.5% of the Indian population suffering from some form of serious mental disorder. Depression, which can be hard to bear, can even prove fatal. The right diagnosis and treatment can help overcome depression. A good way to do this is to travel abroad.

    A study from Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that those, especially women, undertaking a vacation at least twice in a year are less likely to suffer from depression as well as chronic stress than those who don’t.

  7. Helps you live longer

    By keeping you fit, reducing stress levels, lowering chances of heart attacks and boosting your immune system, travelling abroad can help you live longer. Research has shown that all these things when come together boost brain health and adds to an increased chance of living longer. Also, since travelling helps you meet new people and learn about their way of living, it makes you more emotionally stable.

    When you travel abroad, you get a chance to pull up your socks and work your muscles to discover something new. This helps you stay in top shape and keep your body active. So, now that you know the real scientific benefits of travelling abroad, it’s time to pack your bags, book your ticket and fly. Along with other essentials, don’t forget to opt for a travel insurance policy . Travel insurance offers a cushion from the financial implications that may arise during your journey.

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