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Insurance Article

7 Unbeatable Health Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

September 21 2018

You must've all heard about how dangerous riding a two-wheeler is. Here we tell you how it can be beneficial to your health as well

For many, riding a two-wheeler is one of the riskiest things to do. Riding a bike is considered to be more dangerous than driving a car, as you are not only exposed to the harsh surroundings, but also have little protection, in the event of an unfortunate accident. There is also the element of bike riding being mentally demanding, as you need to have a high level of focus and alertness in order to react quickly towards anything that may happen on the road.

Most riders ride because they love the feeling of freedom and the joy that comes with it, while others merely ride to meet their commuting requirements. No matter what the reason, there are several health benefits that two-wheeler riding offers. Let's take a look at some of them.

Helps You Shed Those Kilos Overtime

Motorcycles are heavy machines. Riders have to use their bodies to balance and steer their bikes safely and steadily. The more rugged the terrain, the more effort the rider needs to put in. Riding a bike also impacts your body chemistry by increasing your insulin sensitivity. This tells your body to store less fat and improves metabolism. What can be a better workout then a refreshing ride to lose the calories?

Improves Core Strength and Stability

Riding improves your core strength. How? You ask. The rider is forced to remain upright while riding, which in turn, develops your core muscles. Add the wind factor to this equation, and you’re all set for a great proverbial workout session. Maintaining your posture is a low-impact exercise that improves muscle tone and improves overall body stability.

Helps in Strengthening Your Neck

In this age of smartphones and white collar jobs, neck muscles are being strained to never-before levels. There are many people who are experiencing problem with their necks, especially due to mobile phone addiction. Guess what? Riding your bike can act as therapy for your neck. Just ensure that you don’t have to crane your neck or strain your back to ride your bike. You should be comfortably seated in an upright position while riding.

Helps Build Stronger Legs

Riders develop strong leg muscles over time. This is because riding demands work from the knees and thighs. Regular riding is a great way of exercising these muscles without stressing them too much. Light workout combined with regular riding can develop key leg muscles while simultaneously eliminating any pain points. No more doing painful deadlifting in the gym!

Improves Mental Health

Health is not only limited to physical well-being, mental-health is just as important. Riding gives you an endorphin boost, which elevates your mood and makes you feel good and happy. Your weekend ride also increases your energy levels as well as your mental outlook.

Makes You Smarter

Navigating a motorcycle requires as much mental as physical work. The prefrontal part of the brain works hard to establish a higher level of concentration while riding a bike. The constant mental stimulation and perception required in safely riding a bike on an open road and making split-second judgments improves cognitive functions. So regularly ride your bike to give yourself more brain power.

Makes You Feel Happier and More Connected to the World Around You!

Adrenaline, a chemical produced by the brain (also known as the fight or flight hormone), creates a feeling of happiness and fulfilment. Pacing on an open road, watching the landscape fly by and feeling the breeze can give you an adrenaline boost like no other.  The sense of adventure brings with it a huge dose of confidence. Bikers also feel more connected to their surroundings in ways that hard to articulate but easy to feel. In other words, motorcycling helps you find your Zen.

These are just some of the benefits that a rider enjoys while riding his bike. So, while most may pursue riding for fun and the freedom it provides, they inadvertently end up improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Don't Forget to Buy or Renew Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

Riding a two-wheeler can be pretty risky too as you are exposed to the surrounding and have little protection. Wearing proper protective gear and practicing safe riding will keep you safe. Taking out two-wheeler insurance before setting out for your ride will add to your peace of mind, as you know that your bike is insured from any untoward incidents that may happen while on the road.

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