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Insurance Article


October 10 2018
Tips for Long Bike Ride

Don’t load up on water right before a long bike ride

A long bike ride is the perfect escape from the bustling city streets and hectic schedules of everyday life. While this quest for adventure leads us to explore the vast landscape, any long-distance trip is incomplete without careful planning and a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

While finalizing the nitty-gritties of the trip, create a long bike ride checklist to help you stay safe and prepared. Listed below are some things to keep in mind before you head out on the ride.

Do Your Research

Whether it’s your first long bike ride or your one-hundredth as an experienced rider, it never hurts to do your research. Map out the destination and check up on the weather conditions, road conditions as well as medical facilities along the route. Be sure to include plenty of breaks along your ride to help you stay fresh and alert also buy the best motor insurance to keep yourself and your bike safe..

Wear Proper Riding Gear

Before heading out onto the open road, it bodes well to ensure you have all the appropriate riding gear in place which provides protection in case of accidents. These include durable pants to withstand any weather, a full-faced helmet, abrasion resistant jacket, riding boots which protect your feet and ankles and gloves for additional protection.  

Do Not Overeat

First time bikers tend to make the mistake of loading up before their long bike rides, which leaves them groggy during the journey. Therefore, we suggest keeping your first meal light and ensure you eat light during the breaks as well.

Stay Hydrated

While drinking less water is a common mistake, during your long bike ride, you must ensure you stay hydrated. Dehydration not only causes fatigue but also leads to headaches and nausea, which can compromise your riding ability.

Get a Full Service Done

Before a long bike ride, you want to ensure your bike is in its best condition. Therefore, we recommend getting a thorough servicing done before the trip. This will cover all the essential checkpoints such as brake oils, spark plugs, chain and more.

Fill Her Up!

Start your trip on the right foot by filling up the tank. Filling up before the trip can save you time, as well as prepare you in case you encounter no fuel stops on the road. Additionally, you can use the trip-meter to clock the distance and mileage of your long bike ride.

Maintain Optimum Tyre Pressure

The last thing you want during your long bike ride is high pressure in your tyres derailing your plan. Therefore, it is crucial that you plan and pump in just the right amount of air for the tyres, which can act as a shock absorber on bad roads. In hot and humid climate, tyres tend to expand due to the hot air which can make the ride bumpy and uncomfortable.  

Carry a First Aid Kit

The best counter against injuries that might be sustained while riding your two wheeler is a first aid kit. It can help in case of minor scratches and scruffs. Additionally, include an anti-fungal powder to prevent rashes due to sweating.

Ensure Proper Documentation

Keep your documents such as the bike registration papers, PUC and your driving license in a secure compartment before heading off. This will ensure that you have them on hand whenever the road authorities demand it. Long rides usually traverse more than one state, so carrying these documents become even more important.

While this comprehensive long bike ride checklist can help you stay prepared for uncertainties on the road, accidents can occur at any moment. Here, a bike insurance policy from ICICI Lombard can help in covering the expenses pertaining to repairs. We have tied up with more than 2500 garages all over the country, so you are never far away from help when you need it.

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