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Insurance Article

Compare Bike vs Scooters: Should You Buy a Motorcycle or Scooty

October 10 2014
Comparing scooters and bikes!

Be it a gearless scooter or a motorbike, there is strong reasoning involved while purchasing both types.

Two-wheeler aficionados differ mainly on their preference - whether they prefer a gearless scooter or geared motorbike. However, that is not all. Usually, people are inclined to believe that the most telling difference between a bike and a scooter is the presence of gears in a bike; however, there are several other distinguishing factors to consider.


When it comes to size, scooters are traditionally smaller than a standard motorcycle. Thus, although there is room for more than one rider, it is slightly uncomfortable when compared to motorbikes. Due to smaller tyres and ungainly body frame of scooters, it becomes a bit onerous for one to maintain balance while turning, especially on higher speeds.

Also, scooters are made for more for quick jaunts along smooth back roads and side streets, whereas most motorcycles, owing to their heavily powered, serious engines, sturdy skeleton, and sophisticated suspensions, can take on the freeway tarmac on high speeds for long journeys.


Most scooters are small and designed mainly for one rider. Although there are larger models that provide the room for two and of course, there is some space in the front, which you would have noticed is never under-utilised in India.

Motorcycles, on the other hand, are conventionally designed for two riders, though some superbikes are only one seated. Apart from this, the in-seat storage in a scooter is far more capacious and useful than the puny compartment found under a bike’s seat.


For most, this is decidedly the most distinguishing factor for making a choice. Scooters typically give a better average than bikes simply because of smaller engine size and lighter body weight. Scooters can give you anywhere between 40 - 80 kmpl, while motorcycles range from 5 - 40 kmpl, depending on the engine cc.


Well, the proverbial image of a bike rider is that of an edgy, adventurous, thrill-loving roadie. Though bike rides can get really strenuous after a point, there are umpteen Motorcycle clubs of bike enthusiasts who go for cross-country rides solely to live out their passion of bike riding. Riding a bike is really liberating. On the other hand, traditionally, more staid, safe-keeping personalities choose scooters for commuting.


Safety is a point that can be argued upon by both sides. Scooter lovers would argue that a low-powered scooter is safer, as it does not allow much leeway with power and acceleration; thus, there is lower scope for driving rash. On the other hand, bikes offer crucial safety features, such as disk brakes and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which come handy in situations such as panic-breaking at higher speeds.

Also don't forget to secure your future and finances with a suitable two-wheeler insurance policy.

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