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Insurance Article

Extend the Life of Your Two Wheeler Battery with These 6 Tips

July 19 2018

Extend the life of your two wheeler by extending its battery life

The key to maintaining your two wheeler is maintaining its battery. But there is more you can do for it other than the regular servicing and check-ups. Here are six easy tips you can follow to extend the life of your two wheeler battery without having to be a pro at mechanics.

Top-Up the Fluids

The fluid level should be checked frequently and the electrolyte of the battery should be refilled with distilled de-ionized water. Make sure you don’t use simple tap water. Using distilled water will make the batteries last longer as it will have no impurities.

Check for Loose Connections

It’s essential to periodically check the battery to make sure there aren’t any loose connections. All the parts of your two-wheeler are connected to the battery through internal wiring and loose connections can mean that your two wheeler won’t start easily. Some wiring faults can also cause major issues that affect other important components. Regularly check for loose connections, cuts and shorting of wires to avoid complications in the long-run.

Disconnect When Not in Use

If you’re not going to be using your two wheeler for a prolonged time, disconnect the battery. This will prevent power loss, thereby ensuring that the battery’s life is extended. Make sure to store the battery in a dry and warm place.

Don’t Overload the Battery

The accessories you attach to your two wheeler, like high capacity lights and LED put a lot of load on the battery. This can cause the power to be drawn out and lead to the eventual dying out of the battery. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the accessories you use are within the limit of the battery and don’t overload it.

Check for Degradation

Usually, when a two wheeler doesn’t start at the first attempt, it’s because the engine is cold and will take a few tries to start. However, if it doesn’t start even after several attempts, then you should check the battery as this is a sign of battery degradation.

Charge the Battery

Don’t allow your two wheeler battery to completely exhaust before you charge it. Regularly charging the battery is essential because complete exhaustion will not only shorten its life but also adversely impact its performance.

While these tips are easy to follow and effective, the condition of your bike is dependent on several uncontrollable aspects. Getting a two wheeler insurance is the best way to protect it from the contingencies of life.

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