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5 Benefits of a Bluetooth Helmet – ICICI Lombard

May 03 2016
Bluetooth Helmet

Experience pleasurable and safe bike rides with Bluetooth helmets

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the year 2014, nearly half of the lives lost in road crashes were involved in two wheeler accidents. 76% of these victims sustained head injuries as they were riding without helmets. It was also observed that lack of protective gear subjected several bikers to paralysis for life, highlighting the importance of using helmets along with this, a bike insurance  plan is also must..

An innovative type of helmet available in the market today is the Bluetooth helmet. Not only are they technology-enabled, they also offer you superior comfort and protection. With their wireless functionality and rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth helmets ensure utmost utility. Here are the top five reasons to wear a Bluetooth helmet while riding a two wheeler.

1. Protection

Did you know that over-speeding and drunken driving lead to many fatal road accidents on our national highways? They are classic examples of human error, which are easily avoidable. Implementing a law that makes helmets mandatory for two wheeler riders will help save the lives of millions on Indian roads. Motor insurance will protect yourself and your motorcycle as well

Unlike cars, two wheeler riders do not have an exterior coverage to shield them from impact. The only protective gear a biker owns is a helmet. The Bluetooth helmet has an extremely strong and sturdy build that can resist high wear and tear. Lightweight and durable, this versatile helmet is a must-have in every bike enthusiast’s collection.

2. Communication

Distracted riding is one of the leading causes of bike crashes. A Bluetooth helmet allows the biker to have hands-free phone conversations with ease. The voice-command operation further enhances its usage. Bluetooth helmets have a short range or PAN (Personal Area Network) compared to other frequency waves, perhaps their only downside. For unobstructed communication, the integrated device needs to be within a specific distance. The standard PAN range for most devices varies from 33 feet to more than 2,300 feet.

3. Music

Bluetooth helmets are a hassle-free solution for listening to music. You can simply integrate them with smartphones and listen to songs. These helmets are designed from the biker’s safety point of view. They are designed to ensure that the audio from your music player or phone does not obstruct external noises like honking of horns.

4. GPS

A Bluetooth helmet, with its incredible GPS navigation system, allows you to explore different territories with ease. You no longer need to waste your time or fuel to get the right directions. You also don’t have to rely on balancing your phone to view the directions while riding.

5. Comfort

Comfort becomes an extremely important factor when it comes to helmets. Sometimes these gears are forsaken because they are too uncomfortable to wear. Opting for a branded Bluetooth helmet and trying out different sizes before actually buying them becomes a small yet significant step towards road safety.

Along with the right helmet, make your bike rides tension-free by opting for a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan that lends protection for you and your vehicle.

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