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Insurance Article

What to Wear During Long Distance Motorcycle Rides in Winter

December 12 2018
What to Wear on Long Distance Rides

Proper riding gear is necessary to protect yourself against the extremities of the winter season

Riding comfortably in cold weather begins with the correct choice of clothes. And it’s not about the cost, but the function of the item that you are wearing which should be focused upon. So, if you want to have a safe and pleasant ride during the potentially tricky season with foggy weather, icy atmosphere and greasy roads also secure yourself and your motorcycle with a two-wheeler insurance policy. here are the few dressing tips for you during long distance rides in winter:

Consider a safe helmet with good features

The first thing that you need to consider before starting a long-distance ride is a good helmet with adequate protective features. Look for helmets with more padding and removable liners as it will keep you warm and will last longer. Also, buy a helmet with a pin-lock visor as it keeps your visor clean and provides strong visibility even in foggy conditions.

Don’t forget your goggles

If you are wearing a full-face helmet, then you might not need additional eye protection. However, with an open face helmet or a skull cap, you should always wear glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from dust and cold winds. Glasses should also provide UV-protection and should be made up of crack-resistant material. For long trips, consider carrying more than one pair of goggles.

A suitable jacket to lock the winds

A good jacket to shield you from strong winds is another important thing to wear before starting the ride. Look out for a wind-cheater jacket or a bomber jacket with removable winter liner and vent zips. Also, check if the jacket is waterproof so that you can drive comfortably even in extreme foggy conditions.

Consider a balaclava

While not everyone may find them comfortable, but a good balaclava will retain heat and block the cold. It provides immense protection to your neck and head area while you’re driving on tough roads in harsh winter conditions. Also, nowadays there are fire-resistant balaclava that protects your face from fire burns in case you meet with an accident.

Check out some thermals

Thermals add an important layer to the clothing and retains heat to keep you warm throughout the day. They are also a lot thinner and hence, make for a comfortable ride in extreme cold weather. You can wear thermal undershirts and trousers to keep your body warm and enjoy the ride without feeling bulky.

Try over-trousers

It’s prudent to layer up your garments with an over-trouser, to complete the safety of and shield expensive gear underneath. Generally, leather, Kevlar, and other synthetic materials are used in pants designed specifically for riding motorcycle all day long. Some have hard plastic armor to provide extra protection to knees and hips.

Wear proper gloves

Most of the regular bike riding gloves are rendered ineffective during the chilly winter days. Hence, a good option is to buy a new pair of gloves suitable for winter riding. Look out for the waterproof products with inner layering to keep you dry and safe. Keep in mind that they should be comfortable and provide you better control over brakes and clutch levers.

Find boots that will shield you

Riding a bike with open footwear or slippers can prove very dangerous, especially during winters. There are specially designed motorcycle riding boots with stable construction to provide you adequate protection from crashes and cold weather. Also, these shoes are comfortable and stylish enough to help you walk or ride all day long during long-distance travel.

Avoid tight fitting gear

You might be ready for a long ride on your bike with well insulated clothes in multiple layers. But if your gear is too tight, it defeats the purpose of insulation that requires air-space to be effective. Also, the tight gear restricts your movement, thus reducing your ability to safely control the motorcycle.

Carry rain-gear with you always

While all this equipment will provide adequate protection against the frosty weather, you must be equipped with rain-gear in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. It should be compact, comfortable and easy to put on or take off.

Hence, with proper planning and gear, you can enjoy the unique riding experience that this time of the year brings. It’s also imperative to secure yourself and your motorcycle with a comprehensive motor insurance  policy, and protect yourself against financial liabilities arising due to accidents or mishaps.

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