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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Meerut

Discover the Regional Transport Office in Meerut, its services, vehicle registration steps, ownership transfer process, mandatory vehicle registration laws, and the significance of car insurance for responsible driving.

  • 28 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

Meerut is a bustling city in the National Capital Region. Geographically located in Uttar Pradesh, it is famous as the Sports City of India and a hub for producing sports goods.

The significant growth of the city's economy has witnessed a surge in vehicle numbers on Meerut’s roads. Not surprisingly, the Regional Transport Office has its hands full in managing the smooth functioning of transportation and the safety of all stakeholders. The RTO, Meerut, is doing a commendable job overseeing the city's transportation system. 

This article will help us learn more about the RTO, Meerut. You can also visit their website to learn more about online services.

RTO Office in Meerut

RTO Code

Office Address

Office Timings

Phone Number


Sector 12, Shastri Nagar, Meerut, UP - 250003

10 am to 5 pm



What are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

The functioning of the Regional Transport Office is linked with various forms prepared to facilitate several processes. They include:

  • Form 20: This form is for motor vehicle registration and to initiate the crucial step of registering a new vehicle into the official record.
  • Form 21: Functions as a sales certificate for sales transactions, documenting the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  • Form 24: For initiating the registration process for a motor vehicle. It streamlines the procedural aspects.
  • Form 29: Submitting this form is mandatory when transferring vehicle ownership. It ensures a seamless transition.
  • Form 38 A: To initiate an inspection report.
  • Form 50: For transporting goods by road. It also serves as the bill of lading, a crucial document for transporting goods.


Vehicle Registration Process in Meerut

The process for registering your car or bike with the RTO Meerut involves a series of steps:

  • Visit RTO Meerut: You must initiate this process at the RTO office in Meerut. 
  • Document submission: Submit all the necessary documents to validate the legitimacy of the registration process. 
  • Road tax payment: Deposit the road tax fee via demand draft. 
  • Form submission: You must ensure the accuracy and completeness of your form to expedite the process.
  • Processing charges: Deposit the applicable registration processing fees. The fees for different processes are available at the RTO's official site.
  • Verification and inspection: The RTO thoroughly verifies and inspects your vehicle.
  • Number assignment: Await the assignment of a unique registration number.
  • Registration Certificate issuance: Upon completing the above steps, the Registration Certificate is despatched via post to your residential address.

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Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Meerut

Most people look forward to buying a used vehicle. Hence, if you, too, are thinking of buying or selling a used car or bike, you must know the ownership transfer process. In Meerut, as in all other places, transferring the ownership of a registered vehicle involves a systematic process. By following the prescribed method, you can ensure a seamless and quick transition.

To initiate the transfer process, complete Forms 29 and 30 and provide full details about the previous and current owners.

Additionally, obtain an NOC from the state where the vehicle was initially registered. This document is essential, confirming no legal objections to the ownership transfer.

Acquiring a Pollution Under Control certificate and valid vehicle insurance are prerequisites for the transfer. You must deposit the applicable fees and road taxes to meet all financial obligations. 

You must also submit age and address proof documents, including passport-sized photographs, to complete the process and facilitate a smooth ownership transition.

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle With the RTO?

If you are buying a new bike or car, you probably may have wondered why registering it with the RTO is necessary. You should make vehicle registration with the RTO Meerut a top priority because it is not a choice but a legal obligation. 

Governed by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, this mandatory registration ensures that vehicles adhere to safety and regulatory standards. 

Beyond legal compliance, vehicle registration plays a crucial role in maintaining a comprehensive database of vehicles. It enables effective monitoring, enforcement of traffic rules, and upholding road transportation regulations.

Four-Wheeler Insurance In Meerut

Another essential aspect of owning a four-wheeler is obtaining proper vehicle coverage through insurance. In Meerut, acquiring car insurance is imperative for responsible vehicle ownership. It protects the vehicle and the owner from unforeseen events, including accidents, theft, third-party liabilities, or damage from natural calamities. 

To collaborate with the RTO Meerut, you must obtain comprehensive four-wheeler insurance from several insurance companies operating in the area, which also helps mitigate financial risks.

Knowing that your car is fully covered against various on-road uncertainties allows you to drive freely, fostering a sense of security and responsibility. Car insurance is a proactive measure that aligns with responsible driving practices. It contributes to the overall safety of the road transport ecosystem.

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