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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Worli

Discover Worli RTO's vehicle services, including registration, ownership transfer, and car insurance mandates. Ensure legal compliance and road safety.

  • 14 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Worli (Mumbai) is pivotal in managing vehicle-related services and enforcing transportation regulations in South Mumbai. This essential government body ensures the smooth functioning of traffic operations and upholds the Motor Vehicle Act's guidelines. Here, we delve into the crucial aspects of the Worli RTO, shedding light on its functions, forms, vehicle registration process, ownership transfer, the necessity of vehicle registration, and the significance of four-wheeler insurance in this bustling region of Maharashtra.

RTO Office in Worli

RTO Office in Worli Information
RTO Code MH-01 
Office Address 25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Maharashtra - 400025
Office Timings 10 am - 5 pm
Phone Numbers +91-22-24935857 (Old Phone Numbers: +91-22-25285202, +91-22-24930299, +91-22-24349980, +91-22-25298686)

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What are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

Here are the various RTO forms available at the Worli RTO under the directive of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and each of these forms serves a different purpose:
● Form 20: Application for motor vehicle registration.
● Form 21: A sales certificate
● Form 23: Certificate of registration
● Form 24: Registration of motor vehicle
● Form 29: Notice of transfer of ownership of vehicle
● Form 38 A: Report of inspection
● Form 50: Bill of lading
● Form 51: Certificate of insurance
● Form 54: Accident information report

Vehicle Registration Process in Worli

● Visit the Worli RTO office at 25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Maharashtra - 400025.
● Submit necessary documents, including proof of identity, address, vehicle invoice, and insurance.
● Pay road tax through a demand draft as per specified rates.
● Complete the registration form (Form 20) with accurate details.
● Pay processing charges associated with the registration.
● Await the assignment of a unique registration number, which typically takes 2-3 days. It might take longer in certain cases.
● This process ensures legal compliance and ownership transparency for the vehicle owner.

Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Worli

When a vehicle changes hands in Worli, the transfer of ownership process must be followed. The current owner must fill out Form 29, indicating the intention to transfer ownership, and the new owner must submit Form 30, accepting the ownership transfer. Both parties should sign these forms, along with the registration certificate. Additional documents include the sale agreement, address and identity proof of the new owner, and the vehicle insurance certificate. Once these documents are submitted to the Worli RTO office and the prescribed fees paid, the transfer of ownership is processed. It ensures that the RTO's records accurately reflect the change in ownership, maintaining transparency and legal compliance.

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle With the RTO?

Yes, registering your vehicle with the Regional Transport Office in Worli is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. This registration process ensures the lawful ownership of the vehicle and verifies that the vehicle adheres to safety and environmental standards. Further, vehicle registration aids in effectively implementing the law and taxation, and helps in traffic management. It serves as a crucial mechanism for maintaining a comprehensive record of vehicles, contributing to overall road safety and regulatory compliance. Failure to register a vehicle with the RTO can lead to penalties and legal consequences.

Four-Wheeler Insurance in Worli

Obtaining four-wheeler insurance in Worli, Mumbai, is not just a legal requirement but a crucial aspect of responsible vehicle ownership. Comprehensive car insurance provides financial protection against damages from accidents, theft, or natural calamities. It also covers third-party liabilities in the event of a mishap. With various insurance providers operating in Worli, vehicle owners can choose a policy that suits their needs and ensures peace of mind, while navigating heavy traffic on the roads of Worli.

Note: We advise you to visit the relevant RTO or visit its official website to check for any changes and updates in procedures.

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