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Advantages of Hydrogen Cars

Unlock the green advantages of hydrogen cars in India, from minimal environmental impact to extended range and fast charging. Embrace eco-friendly mobility for a sustainable future.

  • 29 Jan 2024
  • 3 min read

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari drove India’s first green hydrogen-powered car on 27th December 2022. Japanese automaker Toyota manufactured the car named ‘Mirai.’

It began a new era of mobility solutions in India. The government of India has introduced schemes and projects to explore Hydrogen fuel as an effective alternative to fossil fuels. Hydrogen cars are green, eco-friendly, take less time to charge, can go up to 650 km in one charge and only emit warm water and vapour.

We will explore these exceptional benefits of hydrogen cars in the following section. Keep scrolling.

What are the benefits of Hydrogen Cars?

Hydrogen cars have a minimal negative environmental impact and, therefore, can help heal our planet. Zero tailpipe emissions decrease carbon footprint and improve air quality.
Hydrogen cars can travel long distances on a single charge. Some leading models, like Toyota Mirai, can go up to 650 km, and MBW iX5 Hydrogen can travel up to 504 km on a single charge or hydrogen refuelling.
It gives top-class performance even at low speeds, and FCEVs do not make noise like EVs. Critical advantages of hydrogen cars are noise pollution control and a significant role in building a sustainable future.
Unlike Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen cars charge faster and provide consistent performance regardless of the temperature outside.
Hydrogen can power multiple transport modes, including cars, buses, planes, trains, etc.

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These are the core benefits of hydrogen cars. We have yet to get hydrogen-powered cars in India. However, South Korean-based Hyundai is expected to launch India’s first Hydrogen car Nexo in 2024. The model is already available in some markets, including the US, Europe and South Korea. Consider taking car insurance and shield yourself against financial risks due to car damages or accidents.

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