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Baggage Delay Cover in Travel Insurance

Unravel the importance of baggage delay cover in travel insurance with this informative article. Explore how this aspect of insurance provides financial protection and convenience in case of delayed luggage during your travels, ensuring a stress-free journey.

  • 27 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

Baggage delays are a typical occurrence and can be a major incontinence jeopardising your travel plans. If your luggage gets delayed, you might need to purchase necessities like clothing, toiletries, and medication and require travel documents. In some circumstances, you can even find yourself trapped far from your home. Let’s look into how travel insurance can help you if you are left stranded due to luggage delay. 


How Does Baggage Delay Cover Work?

Baggage delay coverage in travel insurance reimburses you for your checked luggage, which includes your personal belongings and other necessities. It pays for the expense of necessities you must buy in the event that the airline delays your checked baggage.

Depending on the policy you buy, the amount of baggage delay insurance you’ll get varies. However, the majority of insurance plans will pay for necessities like clothing, toiletries, and prescription drugs. Some policies may also pay for lodging and travel expenses if a baggage delay leaves you stranded. 


What to Do If Your Baggage is Delayed?

Baggage delay can be a frustrating experience. You should remain calm and patient. Contact the airline as soon as possible. They will help you track your bags and provide you with an estimated arrival time. Keep a copy of your baggage claim receipt. If you need to submit a claim for reimbursement, you’ll require this. 

Inclusions under Baggage Delay Cover in Travel Insurance

Some of the inclusions under baggage delay coverage in travel insurance are the cost of essential items like clothes, medication and toiletries you need to purchase for immediate use. If you get stranded due to delayed baggage, you may be able to claim reimbursement for your accommodation and transportation. Some policies may also include a daily allowance you can use to cover the cost of meals and other incidental expenses.


Exclusions under Baggage Delay Cover in Travel Insurance

Some exclusions include baggage that gets delayed due to acts of war, terrorism, strikes or natural disasters. Therefore, these are beyond the airline's control and not covered by travel insurance. Moreover, most travel insurance policies do not cover baggage delayed for less than 24 hours.



It is significant to note that depending on your chosen insurance policy, the particular exclusions and inclusions under baggage delay coverage will change. Before buying the policy, you should carefully study the terms and conditions to make sure you understand what is not covered.

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