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Baggage Travel Insurance Policy

Baggage travel insurance policies cover the personal belongings or goods carried by policyholders during their journey.

  • 28 Jun 2023
  • 3 min read

Baggage travel insurance is a necessary protection that covers a traveller’s luggage against unexpected loss or damage. It includes protection from various unexpected circumstances. Baggage insurance can be obtained as part of a comprehensive travel insurance policy or as a standalone plan, ensuring a stress-free and worry-free trip. Before choosing, checking if your preferred travel insurance policy includes baggage for overall coverage is essential.

Baggage Travel Insurance

Let’s look at a few common coverages provided by various insurance providers.

Baggage travel insurance policies cover the personal belongings or goods carried by policyholders during their journey. It offers comprehensive coverage for the accompanied baggage against reasonably unforeseen events such as fires, riots, strikes, accidents, and terrorist activities. Furthermore, a baggage insurance policy protects the insured’s checked-in baggage from any damage or loss that may occur during the flight or due to airline staff negligence. It also covers expenses incurred due to the delayed arrival of checked-in baggage, providing reimbursement for essential items like clothing, toiletries, and medicines.

It is important to note that the settlement of a baggage insurance claim typically takes 15-30 days. In the event of an unforeseen trip cancellation due to any circumstances, such as emergencies at work or home, the death of a family member, natural disasters, volatile weather conditions, political unrest, or terrorist attacks, as per the trip cancellation policy, the premium can be refunded according to the insurer’s terms and conditions. To validate the travel cancellation cover, you can provide proof of your Passport to demonstrate that you did not undertake the intended journey.

Types of Baggage Travel Insurance

When it comes to fulfilling the travel insurance needs of different kinds of travellers, baggage insurance generally offers three types of coverage.

  • Single Trip Baggage Insurance policy starts at the beginning of the trip and expires as soon as the trip concludes. It is particularly suitable for occasional travellers, especially tourists.
  • Multi-Trip Baggage Insurance offers protection against unforeseen damage or loss of luggage for multiple trips. The coverage duration and the number of trips covered depend on the terms and premiums paid by the insured traveller.
  • Baggage Insurance for a Specific Item policy covers a particular item insured by the traveller from any loss or damage during the entire trip. It caters to individuals who carry valuable and expensive items during their travels, such as laptops, professional cameras, musical instruments, and more.

Do read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance cancellation policy. You can consult a professional before choosing an insurer and purchasing a policy that matches your requirements.

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