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Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

There are essentially many places to visit in Barcelona; it is a captivating city renowned for its history and mesmerising architecture. Learn more in the article.

  • 15 Jun 2023
  • 2 min read

There are essentially many places to visit in Barcelona; it is a captivating city renowned for its history and mesmerising architecture. Embark on your journey at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, where you’ll be awed by a spectacular light and water display accompanied by melodic tunes. Delve further into the city’s architectural wonders with a visit to Casa Milà. Make sure not to overlook Parc Güell. For a taste of the local culture, head to Mercat de la Boqueria. Lastly, football enthusiasts can delve into the iconic spirit of FC Barcelona by taking a tour of the legendary Spotify Camp Nou Stadium. Ensure a worry-free trip by planning your visit for the best time to explore Barcelona and consider obtaining travel insurance.

Top Places to Visit in Barcelona

  • The Magic Fountain
  • Casa Milà
  • Parc Guell
  • Mercat de la Boqueria
  • Spotify Camp Nou Stadium

1. The Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is one of the renowned Barcelona places to visit. This Barcelona landmark was designed by Carles Buigas and completed in 1929. Positioned near Plaça d’Espanya, it graces the head of Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina. Beyond its visual appeal, the fountain showcases impressive engineering. Initially created for the Barcelona International Exhibition, the fountain gained musical accompaniment in the 1980s. It underwent restoration for the 1992 Olympic Games, solidifying its global repute.

Things to Do at The Magic Fountain

  • Witness thousands of light and water combinations in the fountain shows
  • Enjoy picnics and photography at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
  • Walk from Palau Nacional to see smaller cascading fountains leading to Plaza Espanya

2. Casa Milà

Casa Mila, designed by Antoni Gaudi and built from 1906 to 1912, was commissioned by Pere Milà and Roser Segimon. This iconic work of civic architecture showcases Gaudi’s innovative construction and functionality, along with its ornamental and decorative elements, making it a true masterpiece. The building, known as La Pedrera, incorporates organic forms inspired by nature.

Things to Do at Casa Milà

  • Casa Milà’s Rooftop showcases eccentric sculptures enhancing the iconic structure.
  • Pedrera Apartments exhibit the bourgeois lifestyle of the early 20th century.
  • Exhibition Hall hosts music, art, and cultural exhibitions.

3. Parc Guell

Park Güell is a historic site in Barcelona named after Eusebi Güell, who commissioned the project from architect Antoni Gaudí. After Güell’s death, the city acquired the pace and opened it as a public park in 1926. Today, Park Güell is a popular tourist attraction known for its unique architectural features, peaceful ambience, and integration with nature. It also offers various amenities, including a playground, fountains, and a museum.

Things to Do at Parc Guell

  • Admire the iconic dragon covered in vibrant ceramic pieces.
  • Discover the arcades designed to connect houses in the community.
  • Marvel at the impressive hall with 86 columns and a stunning roof made of clay brick and tile-shard mosaics.

4. Mercat de la Boqueria

Barcelona’s central fresh-produce market, La Boqueria, is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona. It is a sensory delight in Europe. Housed in a magnificent Modernista building constructed between 1840 and 1914, it replaced the Sant Josep monastery. Although it has gained popularity among tourists, the true essence lies towards the back: abundant fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheeses, and meats. The market’s history dates back to 1217, but it took its current form in the 19th century with the addition of the Iron Modernista gate in 1914.

Things to Do at Mercat de la Boqueria

  • Discover speciality stalls offering a variety of salts, spices, olive oil, and chocolates.
  • Enjoy sipping wine while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the market.

5. Spotify Camp Nou Stadium

The construction of Camp Nou symbolises the existing club, Les Corts’, global expansion. Les Corts underwent multiple transformations to accommodate the growing fan base. The arrival of Ladislau Kubala and the club’s success in winning league titles worked in its favour, and a decision got taken to build a new stadium. Construction of Camp Nou began in 1954, and the inauguration took place on September 24, 1957. Over the years, the stadium underwent refurbishments and extensions, increasing its capacity to 99,354.

Things to Do at Spotify Camp Nou

  • Explore Barça Immersive Tour showcasing the unique and original FC Barcelona experience.
  • See the stadium through the eyes of a professional player by visiting the player tunnel, dressing rooms, commentator boxes, the press room, and more.
  • Visit the Camp Nou Museum.
  • Discover the future Camp Nou stadium at Espai Barça.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

Barcelona experiences its high season from June to August. During this time, accommodation is in high demand, and prices rise significantly. The shoulder season, spanning from March to May, as well as between September and October, is ideal for leisurely walks around the city. The low season, from November to February, is perfect for budget-conscious travellers. Winter temperatures in Barcelona are generally mild. Streets are often less crowded, and accommodation costs decrease during this time.

Travel Insurance for Barcelona

While travel medical insurance is not mandatory for visitors to Barcelona, it would be wise to opt for it. Accidents and medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and treatment costs in a foreign country can be significant. Purchasing travel insurance can protect your fellow travellers and you from unexpected financial expenses. Similarly, travel insurance can provide coverage if you need to cancel your trip due to unavoidable circumstances.

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