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Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for Singapore

Travel insurance is not mandatory but provides peace of mind and financial protection during unexpected situations.

  • 19 Jun 2023
  • min read

If you’re pondering over the question, “Is travel insurance mandatory for Singapore?” the answer is No. Travel insurance is not mandatory but provides peace of mind and financial protection during unexpected situations. Comparing insurers based on travel plans and health needs is essential when selecting insurance. Before choosing a travel insurance policy, it is essential to check the list of coverage exclusions and limitations.

Why do I need travel insurance for Singapore from India?

Singapore required mandatory travel insurance for all visitors, including COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation coverage, with a minimum of $30,000. But it is no longer necessary, and proof of compliant travel insurance is not essential for entry into the country.

You must still consider investing in a comprehensive travel insurance plan while planning your trip to Singapore.

Besides providing medical emergency coverage, travel insurance offers protection against various travel-related incidents. These include flight delays, lost baggage, cancelled flights, and the impact of inclement weather and natural disasters on travel plans. With adequate insurance coverage, travellers can mitigate financial and time-related losses in such situations.

For those concerned about ending their trip early or cancelling their travel plans due to unavoidable circumstances, it is advisable to consider a plan that includes trip cancellation benefits or the popular Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. However, eligibility requirements and limitations apply to CFAR coverage; not all travellers may qualify for such coverage. Insurance providers often offer free tools to help travellers determine eligibility and understand the restrictions and requirements associated with the Cancel for Any Reason benefit.

One can purchase travel insurance for Singapore after departure, but the options could be limited. You should purchase travel insurance as early as possible. More wide coverage, including trip cancellation, is usually purchased after making at least one payment towards the trip. Certain benefits, like CFAR or pre-existing conditions waivers, may have time-sensitive eligibility requirements tied to the initial trip payment. Purchasing travel insurance coverage ahead of time ensures access to maximum benefits.

Benefits of travel insurance for Singapore

Here are some key benefits provided by travel insurance plans for Singapore.

• Emergency Hospitalisation:

The policy covers expenses for emergency hospitalisation due to illness or injuries. It also provides treatment for pre-existing diseases under life-threatening conditions.

• Daily Allowance:

Inpatient care reimbursement is provided for each day of hospitalisation, up to 5 consecutive days per claim.

• Death and Disability:

If the insured person dies as a result of an accidental injury during the insurance period, the person’s family will receive compensation. The insurer also provides compensation in case of permanent disability.

• Personal Accident:

In case of the insured’s death or permanent total disability, the policy provides a one-time payment of an amount equal to or less than the sum insured.

• COVID-19 Coverage:

Standard medical expenses for COVID-19 treatment in a foreign country are covered, subject to policy terms and conditions.

• Trip Cancellation & Trip Delay:

The insurer provides compensation for essential expenses resulting from trip cancellations or delays beyond the individual’s control.

• Delay & Loss of Checked-in Baggage:

Insurers offer reimbursement for the costs related to the purchase of essential items if the baggage gets delayed for more than 12 consecutive hours or lost.

• Loss of Passport & International DL:

The policy covers the loss of a Passport or international driver’s license, subject to terms and conditions.

Although there is no mandatory travel insurance Singapore, investing in a comprehensive policy is wise. To obtain more detailed information about the coverage and its terms and conditions, you should refer to the policy documents provided by the insurance company.


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