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Trip Interruption Insurance

Ensure your travel plans are protected against unforeseen disruptions with this informative article on trip interruption insurance.

  • 13 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

We’ve got you covered with trip interruption insurance, a type of travel insurance that ensures you’re protected if unexpected incidents force you to cut short or interrupt your trip. It's like a safety net for your vacation or travel plans, safeguarding your investment by reimbursing you for any unused prepaid, non-refundable expenses.

This insurance coverage comes into effect after your trip has begun and covers various costs, such as hotel stays, flights, and transportation expenses incurred due to a covered reason. Trip interruption insurance is particularly valuable for expensive trips or when travelling during uncertain times. Whether embarking on an extravagant adventure or exploring during unpredictable circumstances, trip interruption insurance gives you peace of mind. 

What is trip interruption insurance?

Trip interruption insurance is a post-departure benefit reimbursing you for the unused portion of your trip if you cannot continue your journey for a covered reason. These reasons typically include unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances like illness, injury, death of a traveller or companion, severe weather, terrorist actions, or job loss. 

It is a specific type of coverage within travel insurance. You can add this coverage when buying an insurance plan for your trip. Some policies also cover trip interruptions caused by COVID-related medical reasons. With trip interruption insurance, you can recover the financial losses incurred from prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses.

What does trip interruption insurance cover?

Trip interruption insurance covers various expenses that arise when you have to cut short or interrupt your trip due to a reason in your policy. The coverage typically includes reimbursement for unused prepaid expenses, such as hotel stays, excursion bookings, and other non-refundable expenditures. 

It may also cover additional charges like booking new flights to return home early, extended periods of stay in hotels, and transportation expenses, including airport taxi fare. The specific coverage amount varies depending on the policy and can range from 100% to 200% of the total trip cost. 

Trip interruptions can occur due to various unforeseen circumstances. Some common examples of trip interruption include: 

  • Severe weather

  • Travel document issues

  • Job loss

  • Illness or injury

  • Personal emergency

However, you should note that trip interruption insurance has exclusions and limitations, and not all reasons for trip interruptions are covered.


Trip interruption insurance provides valuable protection for travellers by reimbursing them for the unused portion of their trips when unexpected incidents force them to interrupt their travel plans. It offers financial coverage for prepaid and non-refundable trip expenses and additional costs incurred for a covered reason, such as illness, injury, severe weather, or job loss. 

With travel interruption insurance, travellers can have peace of mind knowing that they can recover their investment and mitigate the financial impact of an interrupted trip. When planning your travels, especially for expensive trips or during uncertain times, considering trip interruption insurance is a wise decision to safeguard your vacation investments.

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