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Why Doesn't Israel Allow Visa On Arrival For Indian Tourists?

Israel does not allow visa on arrival for Indian tourists due to stringent security measures, pre-emptive evaluations, and the need for effective entry regulation.

  • 05 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

Getting visa in advance is essential for an Indian tourist planning a trip to Israel. Due to strict security and immigration requirements, Indian tourists must apply in advance for an Israeli visa on arrival before entering Israel. Authorities do not grant visas on arrival.

Why Doesn't Israel Allow Visa on Arrival for Indian Tourists?

Listed below are the primary factors that prevent an Indian passport holder from obtaining an Israeli visa upon arrival.

Stringent Visa Procedures and Security Protocols

  • While India and Israel share sincere relations, Israel prioritises proactive security checks and adherence to entry regulations for all incoming visitors. Visa issuance often involves comprehensive screening procedures, emphasising security measures before granting visas at designated points rather than at the airport.

Pre-emptive Evaluation

  • To ensure adherence to security laws, the nation needs applications for visas ahead of time to direct broad individual verifications upon the arrival of visitors from India.

Limited Entry

  • By requiring advance visas, Israel can regulate and manage the entry of guests into the country more effectively. This process allows Israeli authorities to conduct thorough background checks, scrutinise documentation and evaluate individual circumstances before granting entry.

Strict Boundary Security

  • Getting a visa is required for entering Israel because of its severe migration and boundary guidelines.

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Due to Israel's stringent border security and background checks, visitors are required to apply for Israeli visas on arrival for Indian passports in advance rather than acquiring them at the airport upon arrival. Hence, travellers from India must ensure they secure their visas before their departure to Israel.

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