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Why Travel Medical Insurance Is Essential?

Explore the vital reasons behind the necessity of travel medical insurance with this informative article. Discover the benefits and peace of mind it provides, ensuring you're protected against unforeseen medical emergencies while traveling, making it an indispensable aspect of any travel plan.

  • 26 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

If you are wondering, do I need health insurance for international travel, we can help you find out the right answer. Health is essential for everyone. However, it becomes more important as you travel to another country. In other countries, you may have difficulty finding the right healthcare provider in an emergency. When planning a trip, one aspect that should not get overlooked is travel medical insurance. While no one wants to think about getting sick or injured while on vacation, the reality is that an illness or injury can happen unexpectedly and can be financially devastating. However, if you have travel insurance with medical coverage, you can save time and money finding the right healthcare. 

Who Needs Travel Medical Insurance?

Here is the list of people who will need travel insurance with medical coverage.

  • Anyone travelling outside their home country should strongly consider getting travel medical insurance. Domestic health insurance plans often have limited or no coverage outside the country.

  • Senior travellers should prioritise travel medical insurance as most domestic healthcare policies do not cover healthcare expenses outside the country.

  • Individuals with pre-existing conditions should ensure that their travel medical insurance covers their specific health needs. Some insurers may offer coverage for pre-existing conditions if certain criteria get met.

  • Travellers engaging in adventurous activities, such as mountain climbing, skiing, or scuba diving, should have travel medical insurance that covers potential injuries or accidents associated with these activities.

  • If you travel multiple times a year, opting for an annual multi-trip travel medical insurance plan can provide continuous coverage for all your trips throughout the year, saving time and money.

  • Families travelling with children should consider travel medical insurance to ensure coverage for any unexpected medical needs that may arise during the trip.

  • International students studying abroad should have travel medical insurance to protect against potential medical expenses while living in a foreign country.

How Do I Purchase Travel Medical Insurance?

You can purchase travel medical insurance using several options. First, you can contact reputable insurance companies offering such policies. Many insurance providers have user-friendly websites where you can obtain quotes, compare coverage options, and make purchases online.

You can contact insurance agents who specialise in travel insurance. They can provide multiple quotes from different insurers, helping you compare coverage and find the best policy for your needs. 

You can also utilise online comparison websites that allow you to enter your travel details and receive quotes from various insurance providers. It lets you compare coverage, prices, and policy features in one place.


You must invest in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. But a standalone travel medical insurance policy may be better if you want a more budget-friendly option. When purchasing travel medical insurance, you must review the policy terms and conditions, including coverage limits, exclusions, and additional add-ons or riders available. Ensure that the policy provides adequate coverage for your needs and includes features like emergency medical evacuation, which can be crucial in certain situations.

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