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How to Check UK Visa Application Status

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss how you can track UK visa application status.

  • 13 Jul 2023
  • min read

Are you eagerly waiting for updates on your UK visa application? Understanding how to track UK visa application status is crucial to stay informed about the progress of your application.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss how you can track UK visa application status. From online UK visa tracking in India to understanding how to do UK visa tracking GWF number India, we will provide step-by-step guidance. Additionally, we will cover how to check your UK visa status using your passport number. By following these ways, you can stay updated on UK visa tracking process and ensure a smooth journey ahead.

Steps to Check UK Visa Status Online


To track UK visa application online, follow the steps given below -

  1. Visit the official website of the British Consulate or log in to VFS Global, the authorised visa application centre.
  2. Locate the section or option for tracking your visa status on the website.
  3. Enter the tracking ID that you received via SMS and email after submitting your visa application. This unique ID is essential for identifying your application in the system.
  4. Provide your date of birth in the YYYY-MM-DD format as per your application records.
  5. Enter the captcha text displayed on the screen accurately to ensure security and prevent automated submissions.
  6. Click on the "Submit" or "Check Status" button to proceed with the tracking process.
  7. The webpage will then display the current UK visa application status. The status may indicate different stages such as "Submitted," "Under Review," "Approved," or "Rejected." Take note of the displayed status for your reference.

If you are wondering how to check UK visa application status through a third-party website, please note you may have to provide additional details such as-

  • Your passport number
  • Visa tracking number
  • Your date of birth

By following the steps discussed above you can easily track the status of your UK visa application online, which also includes the option to check the status using your passport number.

Steps to Check UK Visa Status Online Via Mail?

Suppose you are unable to check your UK visa status online directly from the official website and want to know how to check UK visa status with passport number or just the unique visa id. In that case, there is another online UK visa tracking method available. Here is how to check UK visa status via email:


  1. Email the British Consulate: If you are unable to access the online tracking process, you can send an email to the British Consulate. Look for the appropriate email address provided on their official website.
  2. Include your unique application number: In the email, make sure to include your unique application number. This number is crucial as the consulate will need this number to identify your UK visa application accurately. For a better and easy search, provide other details like your password number.
  3. Request for a status update: Request an update on your UK visa status in the email. Clearly mention that you are seeking information about the progress of your UK visa application status.
  4. Allow sufficient time for a response: The British Consulate typically responds to visa status inquiries within 3 working days. Therefore, be patient and check your email for a response during this timeframe.

Thus, by emailing the British Consulate with your application number, you can UK visa status check.

Steps to Check UK Visa Status Offline Via SMS?


Wondering, how to track UK visa applications via SMS? Follow the steps given below -

  • Ensure that you have provided a valid mobile phone number during the visa application process.
  • Wait for updates from the consulate office via SMS. They will send notifications about the progress of your UK visa application.
  • Regularly check your inbox for any text messages related to your visa status. These messages will provide updates on the various stages of the application process.
  • For tracking the status, individuals can conveniently send an SMS to the number 7333 using their mobile phones. This service is accessible to users of all Indian network service providers, including both CDMA and GSM platforms.

Centres for UK Visa Applications in India


Do you know you can also check your UK visa application status by visiting visa centres? Wondering how to check UK visa application status via visa centres in India? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

These are the 12 UK visa application centres in India, spread across different states. Each centre has specific contact details and operational hours for visa application processing. Applicants can visit these centres during the specified timings for assistance with their UK visa applications. The details of these 12 visa centres are –

  1. New Delhi
    • Address: International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi
    • Phone number: 011 2419 2100
    • Official timing: 8.00 - 16.00
  2. Goa
    • Address: VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Patto Plaza, Panjim, Goa
    • Phone number: 0832 663 6800
    • Timing: 09.00 - 17.30


  3. Cochin
    • Address: S&T Arcade, Ravipuram, M G Road, Cochin


  4. Kolkata
    • Address: Rene Towers, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata


  5. Ahmedabad
    • Address: Bhikhubhai Chambers, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad
    • Phone number: 011 2419 2100
    • Official timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  6. Pune
    • Address: Gera 77, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
    • Phone number: Not available
    • Official timing: 08.00 - 14.00


  7. Chennai
    • Address: Fagun Towers, Egmore, Chennai
    • Phone number: 044 4219 2151
    • Timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  8. Chandigarh

    Address: Sector 8 C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

    Phone number: 0172 492 5100

    Timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  9. Jalandhar
    • Address: MIDAS Corporate Park, G.T. Road, Jalandhar
    • Phone number: Not available
    • Timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  10. Hyderabad
    • Address: Sunil Chambers, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
    • Phone number: 040 6666 9147          
    • Timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  11. Bengaluru

    Address: Prestige Atrium, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

    Phone number: 080 2210 0200          

    Timing: 08.00 - 16.00


  12. Mumbai South
  • Phone number: Not available
  • Official timing: 07.00 - 16.00
  • Phone number: 033 40822200
  • Official timing:08.00 - 16.00

Address: Express Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai   

Phone number: 022 6650 2222          

Timing: 08.00 - 16.00

Frequently Asked Questions on UK Visa Application Tracking


How to get in touch with the UK visa and immigration department?

You can contact the UK visa and immigration department through their support line at +44 (0)844 8920232 if you are outside the UK. Please note that calls to this number will cost £0.04 per minute in addition to your provider's access charge. The support line operates from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:30. This provides a convenient avenue to seek assistance, ask questions, or address any concerns you may have regarding visa and immigration matters. By reaching out to the support line, you can access the expertise and guidance of the UK visa and immigration department to ensure a smooth and efficient visa application process.

Also read:

How to quicken the UK visa status?

To expedite the processing of your UK visa status, there are specific forms available that can help you receive a decision within a shorter period. These forms include SET (F), SET (AF), SET (M), and SET (LR). In order to quicken the UK visa status, it is necessary to download and complete the appropriate request and payment forms from the Home Office. It is important to note that only five requests are processed per day, and they are accepted between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. To benefit from this expedited service, a fee of 490 EUR per person, which includes the application fee, is applicable. By following this process, you can accelerate the processing of your UK visa application and receive a decision within 4-5 working days.

Can you check your UK Visa Application Status using your passport number?

Looking for “How to check UK visa status with passport number?” Follow these steps. Firstly, visit the official UK government website dedicated to visa and immigration services. Once on the website, locate the section titled "Check your visa" or "Check your visa status." Within this section, you will find a designated field where you can enter your passport number. If required, provide any additional information such as your full name, date of birth, or visa application reference number. After entering the necessary details, click on the "Check" or "Submit" button to initiate the verification process. The system will then retrieve and display the current status of your UK visa application. Take the time to review the information provided, noting down the visa status or any reference numbers for future reference or inquiries. This convenient online method allows you to check the status of your UK visa application using your passport number, providing you with timely updates on the progress of your application.

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