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Are Two Wheeler Add-ons Really Worth Buying?

Opting only a third party two wheeler insurance might appear cost effective, but will it go a long way? It won’t.

  • 20 Oct 2016
  • min read

Benefits of Buying Two Wheeler Add-ons

Opting only a third party two wheeler insurance might appear cost effective, but will it go a long way? It won’t. When buying insurance for your two wheeler, always opt for a comprehensive coverage to help you in the long run.

Additional covers or add-ons to supplement their basic two wheeler coverage and make it more useful for the buyer. These add-ons can be easily availed at an additional premium, the cost of which depends on your basic coverage and the features you want.

Benefits of Two Wheeler Add-ons

Here are some of the exciting benefits that two wheeler add-ons provide:

  • Roadside assistance: Minor breakdowns while riding a two wheeler can be irritating and sometimes leave you helpless. Most insurers offer roadside assistance facility that will rescue you from minor breakdowns at the convenience of a call.
  • Cashless garages: Most insurers have tie-ups with several garages across the country. You can always reach out to these network garages and all your repair costs will be paid by the insurer.
  • Spare parts replacement: Almost every time, it is you who have to pay for your two wheeler’s aging or damaged spare parts after an accident. However, if you opt for this additional cover, your insurer will take care of these expenses.
  • Accessories protection: If you like to add fancy electrical and non-electrical accessories to your two wheeler, you better shield them with an additional cover. Any damage to these accessories will be taken care of, by your insurer.

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Add-ons That You Can Buy With Your Two Wheeler Insurance

Below are some of the add-ons that you can buy with your two wheeler insurance at a little extra premium.

  • Pillion cover: A two wheeler accident is equally fatal for both the rider and the pillion. Therefore, a pillion cover will provide accidental cover for the passenger against any unfortunate incident.
  • Zero depreciation cover: Every time it’s the two wheeler owner who ends up paying for depreciation or replacement of spare parts. A zero depreciation cover will cover the cost of spare parts including rubber and plastic components of your two wheeler after an accident.
  • Medical cover: High medical expenses after an accident can easily drain all your resources. Therefore, you need a cover that takes care of all the costs of medical treatment after an accident.
  • Accessories cover: The cost of such accessories can be very high and any damage to them will badly affect you. An accessories cover protects your two wheeler from all sorts of such damages.

An accident is the worst unfortunate event to expect, yet there are several least expected events that can be equally resource draining. Apart from the basic coverage, these add-ons protect you from all likely accidental expenses and are your keys to smoother and worry-free rides.

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