Bharti AXA General Insurance is now part of ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

Bharti AXA General Insurance is now part of ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

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Ever Thought of Securing Your Travel?

Know why travel insurance will change the way you travel. This article is from Sanjay Datta – Chief Underwriting Claims and Reinsurance, ICICI Lombard GIC

  • 18 Apr 2018
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Summer has now set in and it is that time of the year, you put your thinking caps on and plan your next dream summer destination. Your travel itinerary is set, places to visit-things to buy, everything is sorted. Hardly anything can ever go wrong when you plan your trip to such detail, right?

Well, not if you fall sick with the local flu or miss a connecting flight or lose your passport or maybe the airline misplaces your baggage. Travel insurances are designed to tackle such situations and make sure that you have a smooth trip.

Travel insurance is not just a great idea to secure your ‘much planned’ trip, but an inexpensive one as well (if you truly consider the hassles that you might have to go through if you are not covered). You have done the hard part of planning your trip to small details and now let your travel insurance make sure that neither your time nor your money is wasted in any untoward incident.

Travelling to unknown places comes with multiple health risks. Our data suggest that roughly 12% of claims are made on accidents, and the value per claim can go up to as high as Rs 30 lakh. Next up in ‘health risk’ popularity are gastrointestinal problems, which comprises roughly 7% of our total claims with an average claim amount of Rs 1.2 lakh.

Then there are severe cases where things take an ugly turn. We are talking about scenarios where mere seconds would determine an individual’s chances of survival. Although rare, but as insurers, we are accustomed to facing this kind of situations as well. Imagine the plight of the insured and his family during such a situation, when they are stranded in a foreign country gasping for help. A typical air evacuation cost can rise up to Rs 25 lakh depending on the severity of the situation. An exhaustive travel insurance cover with proper tie-ups with foreign health agencies cannot only rescue an individual from such grave situations but also take care of the cost involved.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where you are travelling to and how much effort you have put in planning all the nitty-gritty’s, you can never really be sure that your trip goes just as you have planned. Although we hope it does, in case it doesn’t, well, let your travel insurance take care of that.

Source: DNA India

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