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Fire Insurance


Policy is designed for a customers who owns jewelry shops or deals/trades in jewelry to safeguard against loss or damage to Property (e.g. gems, Jewelry, bullion bars etc.) due to defined Perils.


The policy insures the insured property in whatsoever form and articles made therefrom, Gems and Jewelry, precious and Semi-precious stones, Bullion bars and coins, Bank notes or scripts used by the insured in the conduct of their business


  1. Section 1: Property on premises.
    1. In display windows.
    2. In locked safes.
    3. Elsewhere
    4. Currency
    5. Property kept in Bank locker
    6. Private Lockers
    7. Property, except Currency, with refineries or jewelry manufacturing place.
  2. Section 2
    1. Property, excluding Currency, whilst in the close personal custody and control of the Insured, or the Partners, directors, employees and duly constituted attorneys or authorized representatives.
    2. Property, excluding Currency, whilst in close personal custody and control of brokers or agents or cutters or goldsmiths who are not in regular employment of the Insured, which Property is entrusted by the Insured, subject to appropriate documentary evidence being available relating to such entrustment.
  3. Section 3:Property, excluding Currency, whilst in transit within India by:
    1. Registered Insured Parcel Post
    2. Air Freight (Minimum 20% value declared to the Airline
    3. Professional couriers vi. Angadias.
  4. Section 4: Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings, including safes and Equipment located at the Premises
  5. Any Loss or damage due to Fire, Explosion, Lightenting, Riot, Strike, malicious damage, Typhoon, Hurricane, Cyclone, tornado, Volcanic eruption, Subterranean fire, atmospheric disturbances or other convulsion of nature or Burglary or housebreaking, Robbery or hold-up,


  1. Earthquake (Only for Section 1 & 4)
  2. STFI (Only for Section 1 & 4)
  3. Terrorism (Only for section 1 & 4)
  4. Exhibitions and/ or Trade Fairs
  5. Dishonesty of Cutters, goldsmiths, Refinery owners and JewelryManufacturer of insured’s Property


  1. Damage to Goods Being Worked Upon and Mysterious Loss or Unexplained Loss is excluded under the Policy.
  2. Any loss during Stock Taking
  3. Infidelity of Employees
  4. Loss or Damage to Property whilst the same is being worn by Insured as defined in Section II.


Period of Insurance- Jeweler’s block policy Period range for 1 year

Basic Details to be provided for Quote – Some of the basic information required for a quote is

  1. Type of occupancy
  2. Location of the shop
  3. Period for coverage
  4. Sum Insured under each section
  5. Add on Covers required
  6. Transit Details
  7. Claim history for past 5 years
  8. Underwriter can raise further queries depending on the requirement


In case of emergency of claim you can call our call centers and our team would help you regarding the process to be followed. The company would settle the claim at the earliest from the date of receipt of all documents

***For more details refer policy wordings