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Scope of cover

The cover is divided into three sections:

Section I: is applicable to Tea Crop Insurance for policies issued garden-wise only This insurance attaches from the time the green leaf is plucked at the assured's estate and while being processed at the factory. It continues while in-transit by approved conveyance(s) and/or vessel(s).

Section II: is applicable to inland & overseas transits of Tea, including storage. Transit policies are issued to individuals or companies, who purchase "Made" teas sold at gardens and/or the various auction centres of India and/or from any other source with a view to dispatching the same to various places in India or abroad to buyers or distribution centres.

Section III: Transit includes storage for blending, processing, packing, etc of made tea. Policies under this section are issued to cover transits within India between purchase centres and F.O.B. points/inland sale outlets/wholesalers depots/ distributors, including cover during processing, blending and packing at various incidental storages at godowns/ warehouses. Such policies may be issued to individuals or corporate bodies or garden owners. This insurance is against all risks of physical loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured.

Sum Insured

    Sum Insured can be selected either on
  • Agreed value or
  • Provisional value basis

  • For arriving at the provisional value, average realised value for three completed and adjusted years immediately preceding the expiring year should be taken into account.

Significant exclusions

    This policy does not cover loss or damage to green leaf or partly/wholly manufactured tea caused by:
  • Absence or shortage of labour
  • Stoppage of power supply
  • Breakdown of machinery
  • Fault, neglect or defect in the manufacturing process or packing materials
  • Any trade loss
  • Loss pertaining to previous season's manufactured tea held back in garden

Main extension

  • War
  • Strike
  • Riot
  • Civil commotion (for overseas shipments)
  • Storage cover