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A car is one of the most valuable assets that you will own in your life. In India, more often than not, people have traditionally likened cars to feelings of 'opulence' and 'luxury'. Therefore, every judicious car owner understands that a comprehensive car insurance policy is absolutely essential to secure this precious asset against any sort of damage, may it be due to natural calamities, thefts, or even acts of terrorism. In India, car insurance policies are governed by the India Motor Tariff. Therefore, your vehicle's coverage is standard, regardless of the brand of your car. Furthermore, applying for car insurance is mandatory by law and needs to be renewed every year.

India has three broad categories for classifying Auto Insurance:

Private Car Insurance - applicable to all privately owned cars.

Two Wheeler Insurance - applicable to all privately owned two-wheelers.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance - applicable to all vehicles not used for personal purposes such as trucks and HMVs.


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