Happiness is on the way. Embrace it worry-free!

Now embrace motherhood worry-free with ICICI Lombard’s ‘Maternity Cover’ that reimburses you for the medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation for delivery including a caesarean section or lawful medical termination of pregnancy during the policy year. However, the cover shall be limited to only two deliveries/terminations during the policy period. Pre-natal and postnatal expenses shall also be covered up to the amount stated in the policy schedule. The medical expenses will be reimbursed provided that:

  • The cover shall be available after 36 months of continuous coverage since the inception of policy
  • This benefit is available only under a family floater policy
  • This benefit is available for you or your spouse provided that both of you are covered under the same family floater Policy
  • Ectopic pregnancy is not covered under this benefit (however, the same shall be covered under in-patient treatment)

For more details, please refer to the policy document.

Maternity expenses shall include

  • Medical treatment expenses traceable to childbirth (including complicated deliveries and caesarean sections incurred during hospitalisation)
  • Expenses towards lawful medical termination of pregnancy during the policy period

For more details, please refer to the policy document.

New Born Baby Cover

Get the medical expenses incurred by you on hospitalisation of a ‘New Born Baby’ reimbursed, during each policy year subject to the annual sum insured. The add on covers medical expenses incurred on the ‘New Born Baby’ during hospitalisation (for a minimum period of consecutive 24 hours) for a maximum period up to 91 days from the date of birth of the baby. The term ‘New Born Baby’ refers to a baby born during the policy period and is aged between 1 and 90 days, with both days inclusive.

Outpatient Treatment Cover

An outpatient refers to a patient who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility such as a consultation room for diagnosis or treatment based on the advice of a medical practitioner, but is not hospitalised as a day care or in-patient. With ICICI Lombard’s ‘Outpatient Treatment Cover’, you will be reimbursed for the medical expenses incurred by you as an outpatient subject to the annual sum insured.

Wellness & Preventive Healthcare

Stay fit with ICICI Lombard’s ‘Wellness & Preventive Healthcare’ cover that will reimburse the expenses subject to the annual sum insured for the following:

  • Routine physical & preventive examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Education, consultation and training programs in the following domains:
    • Health including nutrition tips, diet information, heart health tips, diabetes prevention, cancer/ HIV awareness, physicals and screenings
    • Wellness including exercise guidelines, workplace stretching and warmups, low-back pain, cumulative trauma disorders, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol education
    • Safety including ergonomics, cumulative trauma and back care, respiratory, hearing, blood-borne pathogens, CPR/first aid, heat stress and hazard identification
  • Fitness programs including gymnasium, yoga, spa therapy and massage centres
  • Pandemic preparedness in terms of providing necessary drugs and equipment to protect the insured

Your ICICI Lombard health insurance offers:

Cover for wellness, health and maternity benefits1

Cover for wellness, health and maternity benefits


Reimbursement for preventive healthcare session


Value-added services


Hospital Daily Cash


Lifetime renewability


Floater benefit


Tax benefits



Rupa Parekh

My husband and I recently purchased an ICICI Lombard health policy with floater benefit. While the team was taking us through the various features, we realised that an add-on cover would provide reimbursement for our routine annual examinations, which usually costs us around ₹ 5000 each. This was very attractive.


Diwesh Mehta

I joined yoga classes recently and was surprised to learn that I can get reimbursement for my class fees under my ICICI Lombard health cover. Great initiative to encourage customers to resort to proactive instead of reactive healthcare treatments.

Case Study

Antara and her husband Kishore were blessed with a baby girl. Antara had to undergo a caesarian section and the baby was diagnosed with mild jaundice. The doctors advised that the mother and baby remain in the hospital for some days before discharge. Antara was discharged a week later, while her baby was required to be in the hospital for another 10 days.

Even though Kishore had planned the maternity expenses and set aside a fund for the same in advance, he did not foresee the additional expenses and delayed discharge, which accounted for over ` 20,000 more than his estimated budget. Since it was for his family, and the joy of the little one’s arrival superseded all else, he didn’t give it much thought.

A few weeks later, he met a friend whose wife had also recently delivered in the same city hospital. Amidst other conversation, Kishore mentioned the delayed discharge and the additional expenses the family had to bear. His friend Madan said that his wife and baby too were admitted for a month longer than anticipated, since the delivery was premature by a month. However, he did not have to spend a single penny out of his pocket.

A surprised Kishore asked him how that was possible. Madan said that he and his family had an ICICI Lombard floater health cover, where he had opted for an add-on cover for maternity expenses. It covered the postnatal treatments expenses for up to 90 days. Learn how you too can save on your hospital expenses with our policy.

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