About Disease Management Program

As a valuable customer for ICICI Lombard, we are happy to offer you a unique opportunity to unlock your best life in 2020! This year, we don’t want anything to hold you back: we want to support you to live life to the fullest!
And to do so, we bring you our Disease Management Program - it is a personalized health management solution that comes with proven results and built on scientific guidelines and is designed to help YOU achieve YOUR health goals. This program offers access to qualified Health care experts, health monitoring tools, meal logs and crucial reminders over a period of six months.

Under Sandbox project, ICICI Lombard
brings you IRDA approved

Diabetes Mellitus Wellness Program (Ref ld-145)


Dyslipidemia Management Program (Ref ld-146)


Details of the program

  • Benefits of the program

    • Monitored care by certified health coach, engaging IL APP to assist you throughout the program in setting goals and reaching them
    • Personalized recommendations on how to improve your diet, exercise and lifestyle, lifestyle tracker, recipes, tips and tricks, and much more!
    • Two health check screenings(HbA1c for Diabetes and Lipid profile for Dyslipidemia) – In the beginning and at the end of the program for evaluating the outcome
    • Redeemable Wellness points
  • Eligibility for the program

    Existing customers having any health policy with ICICI Lombard with health condition of Diabetes or Dyslipidemia
  • Sign up procedure & Payment

    Our representative shall contact you to explain the offerings and benefits of the program. Basis your consent we shall send you SMS with a link to share your consent, update KYC and make payment. On successful completion of the transaction, we shall share policy copy with you.
  • Disease Management program flow

    • Welcome call by Health coach to understand current lifestyle and setting of goals
    • Health coach guides you to download and helps you with registration on the APP
    • To understand the current health status we shall arrange blood sample collection at your doorstep
    • Periodic connects by Health coach through calls and chat to help you in the journey towards healthier lifestyle and to achieve your goals by sharing customised diet plans, fitness regime, tips, articles etc.
    • Active involvement of a family member in the program for the much needed support and encouragement
    • Undergoing blood test again at the end of the program to evaluate the outcome of the program

App monitored Diabetes Mellitus Wellness program (Ref 145) & App monitored Dyslipidemia Management Program (Ref 146) are offered as an experiment under regulatory sandbox proposal & are valid from 1st Feb to 31st July 2020. The services provided through this platform are aimed to improve well-being and habits of the customer.

The content on the platform should not be used to diagnose or identify treatment for a medical condition. These services should in no way be construed as medical advice or be used as a substitute to the customer's medical practitioner and his advice. Any lifestyle changes undertaken by the customer basis content provided on the platform should always be in consultation with a medical practitioner. Neither we nor our service provider shall in any manner be liable for any harm or injury, whether bodily or otherwise that may occur as a result of lifestyle changes. Neither we nor our service provider warrants the validity, accuracy, completeness, quality, or applicability of the content or any suggestions provided on the platform.
The advertisement contains only an indication of cover offered. For more details on risk factors, terms conditions and exclusions, please read the program wordings carefully before concluding a sale. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, ICICI Lombard House, 414, Veer savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai -400025. IRDA Reg. No.115. Toll Free 1800 2666. Fax No – 022 61961323. CIN (L67200MH2000PLC129408). customersupport@icicilombard.com. www.icicilombard.com. Group Health Insurance Misc 11 ICIHLGP02001V030102 . Group Health Insurance Misc 12 ICIHLGP08002V040708. Group Take Care Misc 49 ICIHLGP18120V011718. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Misc 128 ICIHLIP200084V031920. Health Booster Misc 140 ICIHLIP16001V011516. Health Care Plus Misc 113 ICIHLGP08001V020708.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is a Disease Management Program?

    Disease management program (DMP) provides the customer with an opportunity to manage & track the progress of their health condition which is either Diabetes or Dyslipidemia by adhering to the personalized care management program. The duration of this program is 6 months. This digital health care program enabled with guidance of a professional health coach provides with personalized recommendation on how to improve their diet, activity levels and lifestyle based on their regular interaction on the App.

    There are 2 programs covered under this for Diabetes & Dyslipidemia:

    • a) App monitored Diabetes Mellitus Wellness Program
    • b) App monitored Dyslipidemia Management Program
  2. 2. What are its benefits?

    1) 2 Blood tests – In the beginning and at the end of the program for evaluating the outcome.
    2) Guidance on diet & physical fitness by a Health coach who is a certified dietician/nutritionist
    3) Life style based counselling by the Health coach
    4) Incentivising the customer by Wellness points
  1. 3. Who are eligible for the program?

    If you have a health policy with ICICI Lombard and you have either Diabetes or Dyslipidemia, you are eligible to enrol in the program
  2. 4. How do I enrol for the program?

    After you confirm to be a part of this program, we will send you a link for giving consent, complete KYC & then make payment for your confirmed enrolment.
  3. 5. How will the blood test take place?

    For the blood test, the sample will be collected from your door step at your convenient day & time.
  4. 6. Is it mandatory to download the app?

    Yes, it is mandatory to download the IL app which will facilitate you with Chat facility, diet tracker and activity tracker.

    Since you are an existing customer, your policy with ICICI Lombard can also be automatically fetched onto the app and you can see your policy details.
  5. 7. How do I sign up?

    You will be given a call from ICICI Lombard’s representative who will explain to you the program. If you missed our call, please write to us at ihealthcare@icicilombard.com
  6. 8. Is there any fee to join the program?

    A fee of INR 1199 is to be paid to commence the program.
  7. 9. Is there any monetary benefit for the customer?

    You can avail wellness points up to 3500 (each point equals 0.25 paise) on the successful completion of the program. The value of 3500 points is INR 875 which can be used for OPD bills reimbursement.
  8. 10. Why is KYC mandatory?

    As per IRDAI rules under Sandbox regulation, KYC is mandatory to be a part of this program.
  9. 11. I am already consulting a doctor, why should I enrol in this program?

    Doctor is the most capable person to give clinical guidance, but a certified nutritionist/dietician can help you know how to keep the disease under control by changing diet as per your medical requirement & other lifestyle related aspects. It also helps you to inculcate a healthier lifestyle.
  10. 12. How can I avail the wellness points?

    Post enrolment in the program, when you download the IL app, you will start earning the points and based on your compliance and activity level recorded in the app, you will be credited the points each months. At the end of 6 months, all the points can be accumulated and used for OPD bill reimbursement.
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