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Health Insurance

Customer Reviews

Laxmibai Vallampati

  |   30 Apr 2016

It is really nice to talk with your team. They have suggested a very good policy for my mother-in-law and the detailed way they explained about the product and coverage was awesome. I really appreciate the way they are dealing with the customers. Keep it up​!

Sandeep Paul

  |   15 Apr 2016

Hi, I spoke with your team regarding renewal of my mother's health insurance policy. Unfortunately, the previous year's policy had expired. The team has promised to look into this issue and resolve it so that I can renew the policy. I am happy with their helpful service. Hope the issue will be resolved soon.

Lokendra Singh Kushwah

  |   14 Apr 2016

I renewed my policy online a few days ago. As on date, I have not received the original policy and health card. Please send immediately.

Vikram Seshu

  |   14 Apr 2016

I purchased health insurance by calling your call center. I want to mention the good service that I got from your customer care team. Thank you.

Sebastin Anthony

  |   13 Apr 2016

I was in touch with your team. I am satisfied and happy with the way the team informed me about the product and helped me in buying the same online. Thanks to them.

Dinesh Kumar Nammi

  |   13 Apr 2016

Thank you for the information given to me. The team was very much helpful and provided the required information for mediclaim policy appropriately.

Sangita Sarkar

  |   12 Apr 2016

I spoke to your team and I am extremely thankful to them for such a helpful attitude and hand holding gesture. Thanks.

Bharadwaj Kalluri

  |   10 Apr 2016

The service provided by your team was exceptional and they guided me with renewing my health policy very easily. I felt very good with the quality of the service. Thank you ICICI Lombard for your neat service.

Jai Prakash Srivastava

  |   09 Apr 2016

I want to compliment one of your excellent team. They went to great lengths to help me in renewing my health policies. Appreciate all their hard work.

Vamsi Krishna Salakaparapu

  |   09 Apr 2016

Your team explained everything very clearly. It was good communication with respect to the customers. It has helped me to understand everything in complete detail. Thank you!!

K. Manavalan

  |   08 Apr 2016

I am trying for renewal of my policy since yesterday through online, but I could not renew it. Please resolve this immediately. I have to pay for renewal today itself. Very urgent.

Dinesh Wahi

  |   08 Apr 2016

I have policy 4128i/HSPR/86598784/02/000, want to increase my sum insured from 2 to 3 lacs. Can someone call and talk to me. I and my wife do not have any medical history or take any medicines, ready for tests needed so that sum insured can be increased. Let me know a solution.

Ajay Shenoy

  |   07 Apr 2016

Appreciate the advice and assistance provided by your team to renew my health insurance as per my needs. I had similar conversation earlier with your team twice, but was not provided with the options to suit my needs.

Nitesh Shinde

  |   07 Apr 2016

I would like to appreciate your team for their outstanding knowledge on the products and giving crisp and clear information. Very happy. Keep up the good work. Will look forward to buying the health insurance policy from you asap

Mahesh Patil

  |   06 Apr 2016

I have requested for cancellation of my 2 health policies 4065/SM/109647138/00/000 and 4065/SM/107830411/00/000. I have received service request number 28122015251 with cancellation ID number as 50120161297 on 5 Jan 2016 stating that policy will be cancelled within next 8 days, however today on 10 Feb 2016 when I called up customer care number, they said policy was not cancelled due to some technical reason. Please clarify how both the policies can be on hold for cancellation and arrange for refund immediately.

Chandan Gokhru

  |   06 Apr 2016

It was nice talking to your health insurance team. They could explain all details well and were able to answer almost all my queries. Cheers to them and ICICI Lombard for an efficient product.

Yogendra Dikshit

  |   05 Apr 2016

Your representatives have very clearly explained the details of policy and patiently clarified all my queries. I appreciate their services, salesmanship and off course your policy. Thanks.

Mehul Agrawal

  |   03 Apr 2016

I have visited ICICI Lombard website 2-3 days back, purpose was to purchase health insurance for my sister. I was not able to understand which product to purchase. Today 1st February, 2016 I received call from your team. They helped me in understating the product details. They were very helpful and soft spoken and it was because of them I was able to purchase health insurance for my sister. I thank them for helping me out. My experience was great with ICICI Lombard website. Thanks.

Shashi Prabha

  |   02 Apr 2016

I always get a nice assistant to talk to who give best advice. Your employee is very soft spoken, helpful and courteous. I feel safe and secured talking to him and have gone ahead to choose the right health plan for my mom. I am impressed with ICICI Lombard services.

Rajesh Kuma

  |   01 Apr 2016

I have got to be honest. It was flawless and wonderful experience. The way the team explained about the health care plus product was great. Kudos to them. They explained all the nitty gritties of it. Wonderful job. Wish the team a great success in every endeavour.

Urmi De

  |   31 Mar 2016

I would like to buy a health cover for my family online but cannot do it because your system is all about telecalling and I do not like speaking on the phone. Why cannot I read and select a policy I like and pay for it online? I could do that for myself for the last 15 years overseas, so why not here?

Sathishkumar J.

  |   28 Mar 2016

I bought a health insurance policy by speaking to your team today. They clearly explained the policy details which made the buying experience much easier. Thank you.

Avadhoot Telepatil

  |   26 Mar 2016

I had a good communication with your health team. Got all the information which I wanted. Thank you very much for the same. Satisfied with the entire communication.

Mansingh Pundir

  |   25 Mar 2016

I had a word with your team regarding health insurance policy for my family. They told me everything that is covered in policy and also explained the terms and conditions. They are good consultants. I will continue my policy with ICICI Lombard. It is a good health policy for my family.

Nitin Khare

  |   24 Mar 2016

I am an existing user of Lombard. Wanted to take new health policies. I got a call from your team and they were extremely helpful in informing me about the policies and helping me take new policies online.

Thillai Ambalavanan Veluchamy

  |   23 Mar 2016

I had simple and straight forward discussion your tem for renewal of my health policy number 4113i/XOL/86683726/00/000. The discussion was cool and complete to my satisfaction, except for poor voice quality of mobile phone line. I recommend to give quick reference for www.icicilombard.com for add-on riders so that customer can have quick look on key benefits and additional cost involved. In my case, the accident coverage was recommended, but I could not make the decision because of lack of clarity and insufficient data. I prefer to see all relevant details especially, pros and cons in text before commiting my acceptance.

Mangesh Mengade

  |   19 Mar 2016

Talking with your team about buying health insurance was a good experience. They have good knowledge of the product and try to create a long term relationship with customers. Like this aspect about them.

Saravanan P.

  |   17 Mar 2016

I heard about your service from one of my friend and then I chose to take one health policy and today I have taken a 3 lakh policy. Your knowledgeable team guided me in a very friendly way to get the policy. I also appreciate them for their guidance to get my policy. Thank you ICICI Lombard team.

Divyakant Dave

  |   15 Mar 2016

The team was extremely helpful in renewing my health insurance policy. They knew all the products well to the last detail and explained all the inclusions and exclusions of the policy very well. They are a great asset to the team and are doing a great job. I almost went with other insurance provider but your team convinced me on how ICICI Lombard is better than the rest and helped the company retain me, as its customer. Thanks.

Sudhir Gaonkar

  |   14 Mar 2016

Kudos to your team for resolving all my queries regarding the health policy, helping me through filling the form and follow-ups. Really want to appreciate them for ready to listen approach and providing details for each point in the the policy document. Thanks a ton.

Karthikeyan G.

  |   12 Mar 2016

The team attended my call and helped me in renewing my health care plus policy. Their courteous nature throughout the call impressed me.

Raja Swamynathan

  |   11 Mar 2016

The team helped me to renew my policy. They are so kind and knowledgeable. Thank you so much team for your time, support and help.

Bhavin Nagda

  |   10 Mar 2016

Spoke with your team. They were very helpful. They also made sure all incentives, exclusion, details of policy were well explained to me. They made the policy purchase process very transparent and clear. No doubts left anywhere. Would recommend others to buy their health policies with ICICI Lombard.

Sachin Mali

  |   07 Mar 2016

Health Claim Form - Check if any of you can download it. I tried to download it and it is not working. Hope you will improve this experience and make it better.

Manoj Kumar

  |   02 Mar 2016

Thanks to the team for giving help and suggestions for taking this policy online from ICICI Lombard. Appreciate the service.

Sanjeev Chaubey

  |   02 Mar 2016

Very good response by your team. I liked it as they gave answers to all my questions even the tough and tricky ones

Shashank Shekhar Singh

  |   01 Mar 2016

Policy is about to expire by 15 Jan 2016 and I was not able to renew policy. Registered Interaction ID24122015512 for same. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Dinesh Kumar C.

  |   25 Feb 2016

The customer service team was very patient to answer all my queries and was on call with me for 30 minutes to see me through the renewal of my policy.

Ravi Aital

  |   20 Feb 2016

I got a call from your team today morning. They explained in detail about the policy options and clarified my doubts. Special thanks to them.

Sudhakar R

  |   15 Feb 2016

The conversation with the health team was very informative. They explained the policy details in an extremely understandable way. Thanks.

Amardeep Wadhwa

  |   11 Feb 2016

The team was very helpful in giving all the details about the health insurance product. Immensely satisfied.

Edward Chandrashekar Valthaty

  |   10 Feb 2016

The team has been very good and furnished all details to me. Very satisfactory.

Ajay Kumar

  |   05 Feb 2016

Excellent communication with your team. Going forward I would recommend them for a promotion.

R. P. Menon

  |   02 Feb 2016

I could not find all my policies on the website after logging in. You need to look at this service on the website.

Kiran Kumar

  |   01 Feb 2016

We liked your health insurance policies and your team helped us in many ways. Thank you.

Yamin Sandeep Gudimetla

  |   28 Jan 2016

Thanks to the team at Lombard for the product explanation in a lucid manner. Keep up the customer centric approach.

Abhay Dhumne

  |   24 Jan 2016

I interacted with your team. They helped me a lot for entering my policy details and making payment. Nice to talk with them. Overall, a good product and I hope it will take care of my health requirements.

Devesh Sharma

  |   23 Jan 2016

Hi, I am Devendra Sharma and I am writing this appreciation on the behalf of my brother, as your team has given him very good advice and support during the purchasing of the policy. At first, he was not interested to purchase the health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard but their guidance and the way they assured him of the services was very much clear and appreciable, hence he went ahead and purchased the policy. He really appreciates their efforts which are directed for convenience of the customer. And now both he and I are hundred percent sure that ICICI Lombard will provide us great services from today onwards! Thank you and have a great day!

Ashish Vasavada

  |   20 Jan 2016

Online chat service was satisfactory. The executive handled my queries patiently and gave me correct information. Satisfied with the answers.

Rohitashwa Prasad

  |   18 Jan 2016

The team explained the claim amount in case of Critical Illness rider. Brochure does not mention clearly the "benefit amount" in case of a critical illness. They explained that the benefit amount is equivalent to the sum insured which I feel is good.

Maherdad Vaghchhipawala

  |   16 Jan 2016

Your health team helped me to make payment and to renew my policy. I truly appreciate their dedication, knowledge and service. I am a happy customer with ICICI Lombard and the health team is an asset to your organization. Thanks guys. Appreciate all your help and efforts.

Purnendu Karmakar

  |   15 Jan 2016

The team helped me excellently with the entire navigation to buy the insurance plan. Thanks.

Shukla Hemant

  |   15 Jan 2016

Sir, correct product explanation and further clarification by your advisor. She deserves thanks! Very supportive staff. Expect same in future!

Jagjeet Singh

  |   14 Jan 2016

The team was very co-operative and helpful to me. They explained each and everything about the policy in a very good manner. They helped me in buying a new health policy to secure my health. Thanks.

Ramakrishna Shastry

  |   14 Jan 2016

The team helped me to understand the health care plus policy very well and also helped me while I was buying it online. They have very good knowledge regarding the policy.

Chetan V.

  |   13 Jan 2016

Thanks for all your help in getting our health insurance policy with quick turnaround time. I really appreciate the patience and support given in getting the policy ontime. Thanks.

Imran Mohammed

  |   12 Jan 2016

Well supported and assisted by the health team. Appreciate their patience and support in getting the policy renewed on time. The add ons this time are better as compared to last time.

Johny S. K.

  |   11 Jan 2016

The team provided valuable support to complete the payment of 2 health policies. They have the right attitude to support customers and have loads of patience

Vishal Khurana

  |   10 Jan 2016

I am satisfied from the services given by your team when I was researching for a health policy for my family. They know everything about their product and take into consideration a users requirement before suggesting solutions

Ravinder Singh Johal

  |   04 Jan 2016

I spoke to the team answering my call. They were very helpful in their approach and resolved my queries. Would appreciate if feed back process can be simplified to responding on IVR or SMS instead of logging on to site.

Jiten Pujara

  |   01 Jan 2016

Please add an option to check ''Balance Sum assured/coverage'' on the health policy. This helps a policy owner to know how much is the coverage left as on a day, after claiming reimbursement/cashless for hospitalisation.

Ramkrishna Sharma

  |   25 Dec 2015

I got call from your team while I was browsing your website and reading about health care plus product. They assisted me very well and explained everything in detail. Will think about the policy over the next few days. Thanks.

Kranthi Kumar

  |   22 Dec 2015

I had to take help from your team while I was purchasing a health policy for my family. They explained very well about all policies and helped me choose the right one. Nice job done by the team.

Anil Kainth

  |   18 Dec 2015

The team from renewal department has been extremely helpful. I was struggling all day and they walked me through the process in making the payment. Wish everyone was that helpful. I am rating them 10 of 10. God bless them. Thanks for all your help.

Biprajit Chakravarty

  |   15 Dec 2015

I had applied for health insurance for self and spouse. After making online payment for the two insurances we went for medical to the allotted diagnostic centre. After a number of follow up with the call centre I was told that the insurance was rejected on medical grounds. I am still awaiting the refund of the premium paid. I understand you have a customer grievance handling policy, but a contact number highlighted on the web landing page would have been helpful. Positive response would be appreciated.

Mallappa Y. Tallur

  |   12 Dec 2015

Respected sir, I have not yet not received my health care plus policy. Please send to my present address in the next two days as I am government employee and my transfer has been finalised.

Palakurthi Venkata Rajababu

  |   08 Dec 2015

The health insurance team was patient enough to answer my questions and arranged for a call back from an expert. Overall, I am satisfied with the product as well as the service.

Mihir Shome

  |   04 Dec 2015

Interaction with your team was very good. They provided all information about the health care plus plan and I felt satisfied with their explanation

Pooja Chhibber

  |   02 Dec 2015

Why the renewal notice has not been updated despite of my repeated requests. My id no. 5122015567.

Prakash Kulkarni

  |   01 Dec 2015

The call was attended by your health team from Hyderbad. They told me how to renew the policy online and provided all the support. Such teams are best for the organisation. Thanks.

Rafikur Rahman

  |   30 Nov 2015

Delighted with the assistance offered by the team during our interaction for a mediclaim policy. I am impressed by this product as it covers almost everything. Very aptly named.

Yagnesh Goradia

  |   28 Nov 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have purchased a new ICICI Lombard health policy for my father with great help from your team. I have received good response for purchase of this new policy. Thanks.

Yogita Patil

  |   24 Nov 2015

I have given a cheque to renew my existing health policy and as per my bank, cheque has been cleared. But I have not yet received any documents or messages or mail regarding renewal of this policy.

Kamlesh Rao

  |   20 Nov 2015

The online support team helped me to renew my policy. Thanks for that. Two feedbacks - Make sure your site works on all browsers and AMEX card payments are working from all channels.

Om Prakash Lal

  |   18 Nov 2015

I recently renewed my health care plus policy and am awaiting to receive the bond and health card. Please send fast.

Chittaranjan Pandhare

  |   16 Nov 2015

The team has explained me everything in a stepwise manner. Excellent service rendered by them. They made sure the policy is issued swiftly.

Aravind Anand

  |   14 Nov 2015

Good service, however options need to be provided on chat. This is just like registering your number and waiting for call to come through.

Renu maka

  |   13 Nov 2015

Appreciate the efforts of the team. They know what they are doing and are good at it. Keep it up!!

Mr Ravi Nayyar

  |   12 Nov 2015

I had a discussion with your health insurance team. Excellent support and seamless process. Good online process.

Abhishek Shetty

  |   31 Oct 2015

Very satisfied with the assistance provided by the Lombard team for my health policy renewal. They were very patient and clear in communication.

Fayyaz Khan

  |   29 Oct 2015

I am having a health insurance policy from another company at the moment and I want portability to your company. Please help me on how I can go about porting the policy from my current health insurer to your company

Amir Pasha

  |   27 Oct 2015

Good response from your team. They completely know all details of the health policy. Very satisfied with the services

Sarath Babu Kotha

  |   27 Oct 2015

Website chat is good. However you need to address concerns in respect of corrections in policy details like pre-existing diseases and other corrections

Sabarish TS

  |   05 Sep 2015

The team clearly explained to me about the option of personal insurance policy which I also opted for in addition to my car insurance. Thank you for the support.

Uday m chitale

  |   22 Sep 2014

Require reminder call one month before the policy expiry

Prashant u ramekar

  |   16 Sep 2014


Sandeep singh

  |   15 Sep 2014

Good service

Ram mishra

  |   13 Sep 2014

Service is Good

Jayateertha raghavendra rao

  |   11 Sep 2014

Good service

Govind pareek

  |   09 Sep 2014

Good job

Himonish das

  |   05 Sep 2014

Good follow up

Anil rana

  |   04 Sep 2014

Everything is easy

Pankaj gambhir

  |   30 Aug 2014


Arvind Pandeya

  |   19 Jun 2014


Lakshmi Narayana . C

  |   18 Jun 2014


Shajahan M

  |   18 Jun 2014

Excellent Service For Buying Policy And Road Assistance

Krishna Pallavi

  |   18 Jun 2014

Very Good Buying Experience. Never Had To Make A Claim, So Cannot Comment.

S S Ganesh Kumar

  |   18 Jun 2014

Services So Far Have Been Good

Honey Bhagu Kriplani

  |   18 Jun 2014


Shrikant Babasaheb Patil

  |   16 Jun 2014

Good Service