Enjoy Value-added Services

Get more than a basic health cover with ICICI Lombard’s comprehensive health insurance policy. You can also opt for a health booster plan to supplement your healthcare needs and get reset benefit on your sum insured, upto 100%. Moreover, we provide a basket of value-added services, and health and wellness information to facilitate your good health and happiness.

We have a dedicated in-house health claim processing and wellness platform – ICICI Lombard Health Care – to deliver prompt claim settlement and host a range of wellness initiatives. We have also launched an innovative online platform called Health Advisor, which allows customers to share their reviews and experience about healthcare providers.

Benefits of Health Insurance

In addition to the basic features of a health insurance plan, ICICI Lombard’s health insurance offers value-added services such as free health check-up, online chat with doctors, specialist e-consultation, consultation on physiotherapy, speech and audiology, etc. Under the feature, customers can also get information on offers related to healthcare services like consultation, diagnostics, medical equipment, and more.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with an ICICI Lombard health insurance:


Value-added services


Reset benefit upto 100%


Wellness benefits


Flexible policy period (1 or 2 years)


Additional sum insured


Lifetime renewability


Voluntary deductibles

Customer Reviews


Kavita Paul

When I was new to the city, the Health Advisor platform from ICICI Lombard helped me to identify the right paediatrician for my daughter.


Roshan Kaur

I had opted for the value-added services under my ICICI Lombard health insurance policy. I was able to undergo a free health check-up and e-consultation with a qualified doctor. This was very useful for me.

Case Study

A health insurance plan that provides basic cover is essential. However, Seema Mohan’s story proves that one that provides additional, value-added services can sometimes be a lifesaver.

Seema had purchased an ICICI Lombard health insurance with the intention of saving tax. At the time of purchase, the customer support team took her through the various features and benefits of the policy. As a young, healthy and affluent professional, Seema did not imagine having to use the policy to reimburse her healthcare expenses or avail any of the services listed in the policy document.

A budding entrepreneur – she had started a boutique in the heart of the city a year ago – Seema hardly found time for herself. To exceed customer expectations, Seema often donned multiple hats and went on extensive trips to source the best pieces. During one such trip, she suffered from intense heartburn and gastric troubles. Assuming it was the effect of few days of continuous eating out, she ignored it.

When she did not have respite after two days, even after repeated antacids, she began to worry. Being in a new city, she did not know whom to approach. She remembered her health policy features and decided to connect with the online specialist. The doctor prescribed some immediate relief measures, but insisted that she physically visit a specialist at the earliest.

Post examination, she was diagnosed with an infection of the food pipe, which if left unattended, could have become critical.


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