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Car Insurance Information

Using Antifreeze? This Is What You Should Be Knowing

January 30 2019

Antifreeze prevents water from freezing and protects your engine from overheating. You should consider these aspects of antifreeze before handling it.

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New Cars To Watch Out For In 2019

January 07 2019

2019 will see many brands from across market segments, reinvent themselves with hybrid, or modern versions of their cars.

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8 Tips for Driving in Dark Winter Conditions

January 02 2019

Harsh climatic conditions and slippery roads can make it difficult for you to drive your car in winter. Follow these tips to maintain your car and drive safely during the chilly winter days.

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Know How New IRDA Directives Will Affect The On-Road Prices Of Vehicles

December 30 2018

The IRDAI announced a slew of measures such as multi-year insurance plans and compulsory personal accident cover of Rs.15 lakhs which will increase the on-road prices of new vehicles.

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Important Safety Precautions While Travelling with Infants Onboard

December 19 2018

Travelling with a baby onboard a car can be quite exhausting. So, follow these simple tips to ensure a pleasant and smooth journey for you as well as the new-born.

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Top Tips to Take Care of Your Car During Winter

December 10 2018

You need to take extra care of your car during harsh winter season. Hence, wash the vehicle regularly and check the tyres, engine and battery before taking it out of the garage.

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Read to Know How Electric Mobility Can Affect Your Savings

December 04 2018

With lower maintenance charges and less running costs, you can save a lot of money upfront by opting for electric vehicles over petrol or diesel cars.

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Long-Term Car Insurance Policy: How to Go About Them

November 29 2018

Choosing a long-term car insurance policy means going through a lot of choices. You need to find out what’s on offer and then choose the best combination

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What Is Insured Declared Value and How It’s Calculated During Car Insurance Renewal

November 11 2018

There are many factors that go into assessing the IDV, with depreciation being the most important aspect, during both, a new purchase and a renewal

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Prevent Back Pain from Driving With 6 Proven Tips

October 14 2018

Sitting in an enclosed space for long hours is unhealthy for the spine

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