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5 Amazing Concept Cars of 2014

November 09 2014

These are created to be showcased at motor exhibitions for gauging consumer interest.

Mostly made from costly materials, concept cars are designed after extensive research by a team of experienced professionals. These jaw-dropping high speed models come with highly developed motors, enhanced car interiors, and creative accents. Zoom in to the top five concept cars of 2014:

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon, also known as a mini SUV has a compact feature design. Exuding a spark of class and sophistication, the styling suggestions are from Bolt and Tata Zest. It boasts of a five speed automatic transmission, with a top speed of 180 kmph. It features the next generation human technology, powered with 1.2 litre turbo charged gasoline engine, which is quite astounding for a small frame. The additional features include LED headlamp, floating console (for manual operations), double sliding door, and electric four-wheel drive.

Renault KWID

Futuristically designed to satisfy your visual palette, this car comes with a built-in drone quad copter or 'flying companion,' as Renault calls it. It helps you oversee the traffic and warns about congested roads. The interiors are a clear inspiration of a bird's nest, while the revolutionary front-wheel drive is the highlight of this supercar. The TFT touch screen acts as a dashboard for manual control of connected services. The car has a high-powered 1.2 litre turbocharged engine, coupled with a dual-clutch transmission EDC for low fuel consumption.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a high-performance four-seater sports coupe that has a plug-in hybrid powertrain (a path-breaking energy saving technology). The front wheels are powered by the electric motor while the turbocharged 1.5 litre three-cylinder, powers the back wheels. Special features include the head-up display and the driving assistant that form a support system for ease of driving. The stylistic swan-wing door, innovative front end, and lightweight carbon-fibre body (with LED laser lights) pronounce this as a cutting-edge supercar. This model was unveiled by none other than our former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, at the Auto Expo in Greater Noida (Delhi) in February 2014.

Tata Connect Next Concept

Tata Connect Next Concept is a five-seater electric car with state-of-the-art interior features that include cloud connectivity- a wireless hub for music streaming and video conferencing. Other features include touch-enabled centre console for manual supervision, automatic transmission, keyless entry, and electric parking brake. One of the most striking highlights of this car is its head up display (HUD)- a transparent electronic display of data on the windshield without having to look away or break focus from the road.

Hyundai HND-9

HND-9 is a luxury sports coupe from Hyundai, the automobile giant known for pioneering 'fluidic sculpture'. It has been quite a stunner in terms of its 3.3-litre turbocharged direct injection gas engine, allowing a high-powered drive and an astounding eight speed automatic transmission. It has 22-inch alloy wheels and high-tech interface. The seats project different colours from different angles due to the lavish mesh. In this model, Hyundai has incorporated carbon fibre accents, butterfly doors with stylised interiors that feature a centre-stack and gesture-controlled interface for convenient usage. This single-seated supercar is designed to deliver a race car like driving feel.

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Most of these concept cars may not go into mass production. However, depending on the audience response, car manufacturers may adopt specific key interior features or certain body design elements for their existing product lines.

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